...Hey Lover


Tell me, are you that somebody?

Are you as conscious about your identity as you are of your gear? Are you attracted to the mind and the future as much as your eyes capture the silhouette of a woman? What makes you attractive? Perhaps, I am asking what do you see in a woman that sparks and labels her as unique? How do you define perfection? Do you believe in a higher purpose? If you do, what or who is it? Do you believe in laughter? Do you believe in miracles? How do you define love? Have you ever been obsessed with anything?

What do your dreams look like? Do you dream to escape from reality or do you dream to create a brighter future? Do you believe that your past will ultimately reflect your future or are you able to separate the two? What do you hear in music? Is it the lyrical messages that capture you or is it the sounds of the musical foundation? What music genre do you prefer to listen to? What songs belong in the soundtrack to your life?

If you can be anywhere in the world right now where would you go? What is it about this "place" that appeals to you? Why now? Is there a limit to the places you seek to explore? Where would you take me?

How do you see your future? Do you believe in marriage? Better yet how do you define marriage? What is your relationship like with your family? Do you want children? Do you intend to be wealthy or live comfortable? How to you define success? What is your purpose in life? What are five things you cannot live without?

A house or car? Love or money? Friends or foe? Dreams or nightmares? Why?

Do you fear rejection, in all of what you define rejection to be? Do you find me attractive? What about me are you attracted to? Are you intimidated by the thought of creating memories with someone different than you? Have you ever become traumatized by the obstacles you've conquered? What can you teach me about life? What can I teach you?

Can you cook? Can you drive? Can you LIVE in all of what LIVING means? Are you willing try things you've never done before? Are you able to show someone else what it means LIVE?

What is your favorite movie? Do you enjoy documentaries? What do you learn from them? What is the most significant thing you ever saw on TV? If you had the opportunity to make a  TV show what would it be about?

What do you want to be? How many words can you use to describe you? How do people label you? What is your meaning of perspective?

Hey Lover,

Can we pick up this Q and A at another time?