...Hello Again Lover


There's a lyric in one of my favorite songs That's The Way I Feel About Cha by Bobby Womack that reads "If I'm weak for you, I don't mind...well don't you leave me behind". Over the years when my father would play this song I never paid close attention to it's lyrical meaning. Today, I find myself listening to Bobby Womack more accessing his influences of many of my favorite artists and how the genre of Rhythm and Blues has drastically changed over time.

I suppose this is why musically the song has become so meaningful to my life because I honestly don't enjoy the R&B of today! However, it is the message of the song and the crooning voice of Bobby describing love in the purest sense of weakness that gets me to play this song 50 times in a row without bother.

It's something about how Bobby describes his feelings for his lover! There's not one bitch call in the song, no singer sounding like a rapper. It's just a man, his words and a meaningful way to communicate his love and honesty.

The way Bobby describes loves goes beyond the corny concepts of I can't eat around you, or I'm waiting for your texts back! It's the "I get so weak in the knees I can barely speak...can't explain why your loving makes me weak"!The if we're broke in a box I don't mind because I got you, babe. And if my weakness becomes you I know that you would never do anything in despite to forsake or disrespect me! You would never use this weakness against me. And If you understand love the way I understand, you'd know the meaning of the word is a small yet powerful term that describes everything you can ever feel towards another individual. It outlines the deepest depths of love and the lowest levels of likes. This is why you shouldn't take offense when a person says they've decided to protect their heart and mind.

I find it funny because we're taught early on to protect ourselves from harm but nowhere does anyone say protect yourself from love! I don't mean the birds and the bees talk; not even I will whoop your ass if I catch you around a mannish boy or fast girl. Do you find this thought strange?

You know, it often makes me wonder if everyone can make a post on social media about knowing and understanding what love is, then how come these same people can't find lifelong partners? And if we thought about life without love would people still be happy to live the single life? Better yet, if marriage didn't exist would people still strive to be together? Sometimes these thoughts frustrate me and in the back of my mind I remember mama saying "there'd be days like this." And on these days I like to think back to the moments when I discovered the "weakness" of love.

It's the days my father didn't eat when my mother battled cancer, and she consoled my father from his pain. It's within their troubles and successes of 26 years I've observed weakness being a blessing and a curse to love. If I think about love in the sense of what I see within my parents would I be stupid to think when I find love what would I do with it?

Have you ever struggled to believe in loves promises?

I'd like to think for me that time is now.

I find myself struggling to understand what will I allow myself to be weak for? The weakness my parents have for each other is one that helped them become 9,490 days stronger. They grew up on Mr. Womack in a time when love wasn't a trend. They grew up when baes didn't exist, and love wasn't a term thrown around carelessly. When social media didn't challenge the authenticity of people.

Stuck in the middle of spaces that feel unnatural and unnormal I'm struggling to think it over.

Somewhere in the middle of fearing rejection and being caught in a generation that's hook-up driven. Somewhere in-between witnessing people becoming obsessed by Instagram models and reality shows. Somewhere where false entities have become celebrities looking for validation through exploitation.
Somewhere where those who once loved each other are now battling between the line of love and hate.

Nothing brightens my day more to know one day I like many others I will discover Love Power. Although it seems this idea of Lovin You has become interfered with a wave of tech-savvy facades obsessed with an image I remain hopeful.

Because one day, I'll be able to testify how. I. feel.about. cha.