20 Something Rants: Dear F*ck People

Over the past few weeks I've, unfortunately, interacted with individuals who lack respect, compassion, human decency, and understanding. It's been a difficult month for better terms of words. With that said this post initiates the first of my 20 Something Rants, where I get real about my life and purposely lack all political correctness.

Dear F*** People,

Whoever told you it was okay to be a bubble of negativity in my life?

Whoever said I wanted you in my presence to play the field in my arena? Or perhaps wonder in my area of love and positivity?

If I never get the chance to tell you how I feel now is my time!

I don't want any parts of you. In fact, I find that your existence of toxic waste has left me wanting to be a survivor in a dead land of walkers.

I don't want your lack of company, lies, or ulterior motives. In fact I rather you had told me up front:

Hello_________, my name is__________ and I'm here to rob you of your mental space, take up some of your time and energy and leave you with memories of a f***ed being!

See, this message would have saved me a lot of time including head room for what I need in my life.

There's this saying that goes "don't let anyone rent space in your mind for free".I'm 100% positive that this statement is a protective barrier referencing how to keep f*** people out of your life. Do you want to know the saddest thing about it all? We don't start to notice that people are f***ed until we begin to get to know them! I will admit there is something great about it...

I don't have to give attention to f*** people, including writing a post like this (but hey I've always said writing relieves my stress).

Although I could list multiple reasons why I'm here today, I sincerely from the bottom of my heart just want to do away with the negative people in my perimeter I call (cough) LIFE!

F*** people will always exist. I have no choice but to learn how to work with you and continue to write mysterious letters in 20 Something Rants to release my frustrations.

Anyway, the moral of the story is Dear F*** people, please turn around and exit stage left, then head straight on the road right out of my sight.


20 Something