This is for You: The Last not Last Pro-Black Piece I Will Write


As I look back on some of my first blog posts from when I was a blogger at WordPress, I start to understand what made me want to write. It wasn't because I was bored; it wasn't something I sought to become popular. I just wanted to tell the world explicitly: hey, I am watching you, and I want change. I think of the thousand of articles I would save on my parents laptop highlighting the struggles of Black America being the new death sentence. I think of so much passion I had to write about issues in my community externally as well as internally and the days I would be drained to write about every failure I was observing.
There was never enough time and energy to document all I was witnessing or to even follow up on the numerous homicides, police brutality victims, and bias-related incidents I would read about. Consistently countering all the negative energy, I found myself limited unable to deal with my emotions and focus on my goals.

Unfortunately, it was something I could not fully suppress, in fact, I chose a life of change and career path dedicated to fixing these issues. My upbringing brought me to understand what was wrong within my Black community, my experiences enlightened me on this history of why my community was challenged by the system and my education taught me Black was, still is and will be as far as I can see misunderstood. It is beyond the Miseducation of a Negro but the Miseducated of the color blind and see no evil, speak my silence.  What's funny is I didn't need to read an article from a fancy Political Scientist to tell me that. I didn't need them to explain to me that Blacks vote as Democrats and endure the highest percentage rate of police brutality, the death penalty, and bias within the labor force.  I guess it's because I live and sleep Black, I eat Black it is through my Black experiences as a Black woman I am and will forever be cognizant of my Black reality. So today I offer to you the Last, not Last Pro-Black Piece I will write.


It wasn't until IT hit me until IT devoured my insides like a cannibal from the Walking Dead and although my exterior seemed well pulled together I was dying to live.

It wasn't until grade school when I first started having discussions about education inequality of public schools and the policing of little Black babies.

It wasn't until IT hit me, and my peers became engaged in the highest form of dropout rates in my city's history, and the community left them to suffer.

It wasn't until IT hit me, and I became a prisoner within the city limits and my rural peers saw a way of life that was completely abnormal from what I was experiencing.

When the stories of why I couldn't attend field trips, never left my city with a memory and she told me that Hip-Hop was the music of niggers.

It wasn't until IT hit me and I had become a part of the BROKEN BLACK FAMILY

It wasn't until IT hit me and I decided that my only hand to help was through education.

It wasn't until IT hit me that having an education made me look brighter but there were people from my hometown ghettos that knew more than I could learn in any semester.

It wasn't until IT made me try to explain why the causes I fought for was important to people who wanted to know why I was "so cool" but my place in the movement stop them from moving with ME.

It wasn't until I saw the bodies of Black lives lingering down my timeline and they had the audacity to ask me why did I care about it?

Why did my mind focus on it? Why didn't I think color blind?

But see, nothing is truly color blind if there's a system that reacts to perception. Perception of who is what is and why one acts a certain way because where they come from and how they look.

IT bothered me so much that it drove me to change IT, that I lost the term for what I was truly observing and living because this was coined by those who hurt me!

IT had me afraid to call it like I see IT in ways I've never been afraid before. When people asked me my career interest not wanting to admit I wanted to change how IT affects our society. Simply because IT was something they misunderstood and I wasn't willing to consistently teach. That maybe if someone who wasn't a part of my heritage spoke on these issues I could bring validity to those who felt I was unwarranted to feel some type of way.

But now I have awoken, fully awoken from my past. Similar to Ryu Hayabusa when he fought to leave behind a world of fiends. I have a purpose and talked all my LIFE about the reasons why I care. If IT makes you feel uncomfortable don't crucify me for living my truth and walking my path. I no longer feel the need to explain my purpose when there are a million and one books discussing the topic and schools that educate people on the umbrella of Blackness. I no longer feel the need to tell you why because I've been singing the same tune for far too long and for the sake of my existence I need to find a new beat. But don't worry, my "album" is still going to tell IT on the mountain!