Dear "New Conscious" Black Men


I understand that through life experiences some people gain awareness at different times than others. My awakening came at the age of 15 for others their consciousness may have come sooner or later. This post is not to ridicule those who are enlightened or even the Brothas cause god knows I love them. However, the purpose of this is to address the Black men I've witnessed who are "fake woke". Through 2015, I've noticed a strange trend from Black men who were "conscious" of the Black movement and their love for Black women but their actions and perceptions of Black women seemed to side with an oppressive ideology. For instance:

1. Claiming their love for Black women but then saying "I would never marry a Black woman" because..
2. Natural shaming sistas (a.ka not accepting natural beauty) and...
3. Anything else you can think of that's simply off

There's a particular term regarding these type of individuals most specifically referred to as Hoteps. For the timing of this post, I'll just leave it to Bougie Black Girl to help you understand the definition. Anyways, this post is dedicated to the people who use the word loosely and my conversations with women like myself who are tired of people who claim to be conscious but lack an understanding of what it truly means to WOKE. 

Dear "New Conscious" Black Men, 

I've been waiting for you, to tell you that I see right through your WOKENESS and your love for the brown. Notice I didn't say, Black, because if your love truly existed you'd know that Black embodies every color and doesn't play favorites.

I've been waiting for you because you say you love all shapes and sizes of women. Yet, you do backflips, handstands, and the worm to get a good look at an a** while standing still at bodies that don't have enough cake to fulfill your appetite. 

You consistently say how much you love your sistas but when Becca comes around you dis her because she's not an "easy" target. Yet, you say "Black women are golden". You're so down that instead of you investing in her you overlook the prototype to get copied images that are not even mini reflections of your queens.

And, I don't mean an Angie stone and I don't think these women are a love of your own. I like so many others see that you're broken. You claim to be conscious enough to speak about issues but not put them into action. You are uncomfortable of standing in your own truth.

When did you decide to start jumping on the trends of Black Women being beautiful? Did your beliefs come once you found it was profitable? Did it come because you wanted to be seen as the "brotha who got nothing but love"?

I find your "consciousness" devaluing. limiting, and oppressive. It is full of hatred you may be too "conscious" to understand. I don't want you to be "conscious" because it's in I want you to be conscious within. I want you to understand that being conscious also means that you practice what you preach. To be conscious means not using it to appeal to more people, to get more b****** or to be viewed as the HNIC. To be conscious doesn't mean you're all knowing but that you're growing to understand your history. It's not limited to your knowledge about Egyptian pharaohs or queens, or even Dr. King. It doesn't mean because you say something deep that every woman should be your Nubian queen. "Your Black and your proud" will never be good enough if you decide that lose curls are better than kinky.

This goes for the men who rap it because it sounds good to those who use being conscious as an advertisement. I just want  to see more authenticity.....

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  1. I joined a lot of pro black conscious groups on Facebook and I have never seen so much hatred towards black women in my life. How can a man claim to be pro black and not be pro black woman? A lot of them constantly shame single moms, down women for their choice to wear makeup or weave, claim we only date thugs. It got to the point where I had to take a break from those groups because it got to draining. If you are pro black you must be pro black woman.

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