NTS: Own Your Struggle and Success

I find that everyone wants success yet everyone's afraid of telling their story. The stories about how you went without, money doesn't grow on trees and how we were taught all our lives to fear the struggle so we're not labeled as "different".

I think people forget that no matter how severe our struggles may be there is ALWAYS motivation in the struggle. Yet, many of us tend to hide our struggle as if it had no position in where we are today.

We fear what people will think, how people will react, instead of being proud of using our stories as a testament to help one another.

I understand that life can be traumatic, and many people rather set themselves free of the horror moments their past. Yet I am a firm believer that people should embrace living the struggle as much as we embrace success because they play an important role in our character and leadership development.

So the next time you want to share a story and become afraid to talk about your jelly and cheese sandwiches, that time you laid on the floor because you didn't have a bed.... or even when you had to get creative with Ramen because it was breakfast, lunch and dinner OWN IT.

Although it may seem forever, remember the struggle is temporary and we should humble ourselves to remember where we come from.