That's Called "Tough Love" and "The Get Down "

Who needs TV when it's full of reality shows, some of which don't seem realistic. When it comes to web series though I'm ALL IN and I recently came across two that should be on your watch list in 2016.

Tough Love: Web Series by Caleb Davis, Roni Simpson Brian Lipkins-Scott and Will Rosati

For the Millenials who don't believe in love, playing the field, in long term relationships, who lives are out of order or together this is for you. Tough Love is a Web Series that follows the lives of 6 friends in love, happiness and hate.

I can't gather the words to tell you why you need to watch this show without giving too much away but just know this series explains many dynamics of the millenial relationships we see today. Episodes air bi-weekly on Tuesday's via Youtube. I promise you that this is a show you don't want to miss especially that "relationship" between Monica and Darius. Oh, and did I mention each character is named after our favorite actors and actresses from movies like The Wood and Love and Basketball.

The Get Down: by Baz Luhrmann

Those who have been waiting for Netflix to finally release a Black Netflix's Orignal need to look no further. Hip-Hop heads pay attention! The Get Down will follow the lives of South Bronx teens and the transformation of New York during the 1970s pre-Hip-Hop era. Although it has yet to drop, when it does I'm on it like popcorn in a bag. I'm excited to see how the show will incorporate the evolution of Hip-Hop culture. Peep the trailer below:

I hope you all get a chance to watch!