If Your Love Doesn't Feel Like These 10 90's R&B Songs You're Not In Love

Recently I saw this amazing shirt floating around the social about my near and dear R&B. If you haven't seen it the shirt says "If the love doesn't feel like 90s R&B I don't want it".

As a 90s R&B fan it took me a moment to process it. As much as 90s R&B music has been an important part of my development as a millennial I know some jams that are good but shamelessly painful to the heart, body and soul. Yet, it never fails I continue to jam on to these joints (**bumping one right now). Anyways, in looking at my playlist T.R.O.Y on Spotify I play religiously about ten songs straight from the 90s. I have decided these songs WILL BE at my wedding. Whether these jams are in rotation at the reception or during the main event I haven't figured that out yet. However, what I do know is that these 10 songs feel and describe a love I can see!

1. Written All Over Your Face-  The Rude Boys ('91)
It's written all over your face/You don't have to say a word/Just smile, a smile, a smile, a smile for me/Is better than any word I ever heard. Have you ever had someone read you and just with one look they understand if you're upset, happy in pain etc? Well I'm one of those people who wears their emotions on their face (probably something I should work on),  I know I appreciate someone who can read me. This song describes the importance of nonverbal communication and most importantly the vocals on this track are FIRE. 

2. Kissin You- Total ('96)

Kissin you is all that I've been thinking of /kissin you is ohh ohh. I think the lyrics speak for themselves. You make me feel things that I've never felt I wanna kiss you... It's true we really do think and dream about it, but what's even better is when those dreams become an eternal reality. 

3. Kissing You- Faith Evan ('95)

If I had Total's Kissin You up here you know that I couldn't skip over Faith's Kissing You because they're both that damn good. Faith described the perfect kiss: And I can't believe it's real/Can't believe it's you/I can't believe it's happening/I can't believe it's true/ Softly kissing you/Forever kissing you. It's simple when you think about it but what's a love without a kiss you're lost in? When Faith goes to that bridge and says And there's nothing but you in my mind, as you quench me of all my desires and I melt in ecstasy, oh, oh, I. Oh, oh I....

4. Love U 4 Life- Jodeci ('95) 

This song encompasses all the Freek'N You, and Feenin there is to have. Love U 4 Life is simply amazing. If this lyric doesn't seal the deal I don't know what will: I want to love you for life cause your love is why I live. I want to know that it's forreal and let's give a clap to K-ci's and Jo-Jo's video intro!!!!

5. Ready or Not- After 7 ('90)

Because girl I love you more than words can show/My love is pure/ I'll walk a thousand miles sail a thousand seas/Nothin' will discourage me/And I pray that you will be always there for me forevermore... One word DAMN. Did brotha man just say nothing will discourage him? Did he just say he'll go through hell and back to get to you? Yeah he did and more.

6. Are You Still Down- Jon B. ('97)

Maybe it's 2Pac's verse or maybe it's Jon's vocals. These lyrics sealed the deal for me Watch time go, don't cry/Tomorrow brings better days/Let me dry your eyes/And take your burden away. Tomorrow does bring better day and I prefer to have them with someone who will always be down for me. 

7. Unconditional Love- Hi-Five ('93)

It's about trust and honesty / And that's the way it's supposed to be / Unconditional love.. He also said it's about time, sacrifice and paying the price, to do or die. Yet, what gets me the most about this song is the way Tony Thompson SANG his heart out. I could of chose Kissing Game for the first love blues but this song cuts deeper. To the highest peak, to the deepest sea we all deserve unconditional love!

8. I'll Give All My Love To You -Keith Sweat ('90)

I will never do anything to hurt you/Ill give all my love to you/And if you need me, baby, Ill come runnin/Only to you.. Now would this really be a list without Keith? My mother used to annoy me all the time with her Keith Sweat antics and eventually I grew to love his music. He said Girl, you are the one for me, babe/ I know that you are the world for me babe. What woman doesn't want to be a man's world and the only one! #NOSHARING

9. Sweet Thing- Mary J. Blige ('92)

It's an ode to the heritage of R&B and to real love. All I need to get by are these lyrics: You are my heat, you are my fire/You make me weak with strong desire/Love 'ya child my whole life long/ Is be right or be wrong... I know Chaka was proud.

10. Ask of You- Raphael Saadiq ('95)

Just because its you...Those words closed the song and no it's not the same if you don't listen to the full 6 minutes and 2 seconds. Have you ever just stopped and thought he only asked because it was her, because he wanted her, because she was the one and only for him.

After completing this list I realized how much I didn't want to limit it to 10 songs. In fact, my fave D'Angelo is nowhere to be found but he gets an honorable mention (shoot, Maxwell too and Tevin Campbell). Welp, it looks like I'll have another list coming soon. Did I miss any of your faves?

And just because....


  1. Girl!!! You just took me back with all of these songs! You're right... old school (ugh I can't believe they are old) r&b is something I will always love for all the right reasons! Great post! #BLMGirls

  2. Thanks so much MrsTee! 90s R&B just feels soo right. I respect it much more than the R&B music of today. Thanks for your support #BLMGirls!!!!!