On Angela Simmons and Virgin Shaming



Recently, fashion designer and all around QUEEN Angela Simmons revealed to the world she's expecting. Angela has garnered much attention aside from her career by stating she is a woman a god who believes in saving herself until marriage. A few months prior to the announcement in an interview with The Breakfast Club when asked by Charlamagne Tha God about her sex life and relationshhips, she stated along the lines that she does not intend on getting pregnant until she's married (peep the 24:00 minute mark).

Since her big reveal, the internet has gone crazy calling Angela everything from a liar to a h**. It's not a stretch to say Angela is a sex symbol. Her sex-appeal and snatched figured on Instagram has raised many eyebrows over the years among naysayers regarding the status of her virginity.

Honestly, I could care less about Angela's sex life. I'm genuinely happy for her family and wish them the best of luck in their newest addition.

However, in watching the meme's  rolling around social media regarding Angela and her virginity I'm quite disgusted in how people are reacting to her announcement.



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I get it! Angela's father is Reverend Run. She's stated multiple times about saving herself until marriage and has never been the one to shy away from discussing her virginity. Then, long and behold one day she's not a virgin.

Dammit, did the world stop the day she announced she's having a child?  I didn't think so. I also didn't think that being sexy and being a virgin was a crime. Hell, I didn't think her personal body choices were so important. I didn't think people were gun hold on her virginity being a lie.

What exactly does being a virgin look like? What does a virgin act like? Why does being a virgin equate to being wholesome? Can one be sexually active and wholesome as well?

We've all heard of slut-shaming. As defined by Geek Feminism slut-shaming is "the act of criticizing a woman for her real or presumed sexual activity, or for behaving in ways that someone thinks are associated with her real or presumed sexual activity".

Slut shaming has become a huge topic as more women are redefining their sexual identities. This has been exemplified in looking at celebrities like Amber Rose's Slut Walk and her interview on the talk show It's Not You, It's Men. Yet, in looking at the conversations surrounding Angela Simmons I think it's important to note how virgin-shaming is used to demean the sexual decisions of women.

After looking at the memes  and videos blasting Angela circulating the web I don't see the purpose in people placing a timeline on her virginity or demeaning  her character because she had sex with someone she's in a COMMITTED relationship with. As far as the church folks are concerned this is a discussion I don't want to engage in with you. Not to mention, whether or not we decide to bring religion into this matter (as people already have) the fact still remains that she is a child of god regardless of the decisions she makes!

Simply put, what she does with her vagina is none of our concern. In fact, figuring out the timeline to when she lost her virginity doesn't make a difference in any of our lives, and to those trying to figure it out please STOP IT! The only thing that matters is that her family is supportive and she's HAPPY!!!!! Did I mention how she's slaying us in her maternity wear? #YASSSSANGELA


  1. Well said. It'd be nice if everyone would just stay out of other peoples' sex lives. If you're not having sex with someone (or not not having sex), it's none of your business what they do.

  2. Thanks so much Keisha! I completely agree with you.