Who Needs Cable When You Have Black & Sexy TV



Need new shows to watch for the summer? Tired of cable? Try Black & Sexy TV. Black & Sexy TV is the leading network for young and progressive Black people since 2008. Home to web series like The Couple, Roomieloverfriends, Hello Cupid, That Guy, The Number, and Chef Julian Black & Sexy has a number of shows suiting your needs for interesting stories lines and new upcoming Black talent. As a follower of Black & Sexy TV for some time, I was looking for a break from the tiedddddd world of reality tv.  With roughly over 122,000 subscribers on Youtube Black & Sexy TV is the place to be if you're looking for new Black entertainment. Not sold on the idea? Let me help you on where you should start:

1. Roomieloverfriends (Staring Andra Fuller and Shayla Hale)

 When  a male and female roommate sleep with each other... things get complicated. I discovered this show thanks to my best friend and I've been hooked every since. Let's just say you've got to watch it for yourself. Hopefully, the chemistry between Andra and Shayla will make you a fan!

2. That Guy (Staring Jeremy McBryde and Jeanine Daniels Will Catlett)

An all time favorite of my sister That Guy follows the life of a group of friends and their daily adventures. 

3. Becoming Nia (Staring Shawanna Davis and Tangier Davis)

A spin-off of That Guy following the world of a single Black mother's journey in parenthood, Becoming Nia is a must watch for women and single mother's who are on the search of finding themselves. 

3. Sexless (Staring Khalilah Joi and Courtney Burell) 

Sexless follows the lives of four women, two of whom are virgins and two who whom have taken voluntary vows of celibacy. It's a great show that examines the not so awkward side of virginity for millennial women. I wouldn't call this a spoiler or anything but, Wendy is the fave. 

 4. Chef Julian (Staring Courtney Burell, Janora McDuffie and Darryl Blalock) 

A spin-off of Sexless, Chef Julian chronicles the life of a fine bachelor, his love of cooking and complicated relationships. Did I mention, Wendy is the fave? Well, for the second time Wendy is the fave.

Don't worry this isn't all Black & Sexy has to offer. If you get tieedddddd of the mini episodes on Youtube head to blackandsexy.tv for an all-access pass to their network web series. For just $7.00  a month (cheaper than Netflix) you can binge watch all of these shows and get a sneak peek of the network's latest moves. If you sign up today you'll receive a 30-day free trial in which you can cancel anytime. You'll thank me for it later!

Aside from the dopeness of the shows Black & Sexy supports an array of Black artists from SoundCloud. They also sell dope apparel, we can purchase to showcase our support!

Follow them here:

Remember, it's "a good day to be Black & Sexy"!


  1. I've been a fan of Black & Sexy TV for years. The content is so good.


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