Yes, I Said It! I Don't Like My Smile


I’ve lived most of my life with a crooked smile. I blame the tantrum I gave my mama when I wanted candy and went to crack my teeth on a glass table when she told me no. I know right, what the hell was I thinking? I wasn’t and to be honest I only know of this incident because my mama had to explain it to me when I got older.

It took years for my chipped tooth to get fixed (dental bills ain't cheap). Once the dentist pulled that little rotten tooth loose I was prepared for my adult tooth to grow in and have my pearly whites come back. Yet, my hypeness was subdued when my front incisor grew in deformed. That moment when my mama said “baby come here, your tooth is growing in crooked” I knew my smile was going to give me trouble!

By the time I went through grade school and high school I heard all the jokes about my crooked ass smile. They had a sista feeling like Jerome.

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There’s something about living with a crooked smile that haunts you. It may be the names you were called when you were younger. The times you wished your parents took your ass to get braces. The time you realized your bite was off or the day you’ve sat in the mirror examining what it would look and feel like to have the “perfect” smile. But it all builds character.

You've been inspired by public figures who've succeeded in the limelight with their imperfections. You've jammed out to Unpretty by TLC and when Crooked Smile hit the airwaves "A perfect smile is more appealing but it's funny how/My shit is crooked look at how far I done got without it" was the lyric that kept you proud of your twisted grill.

These songs only inspired me so much. No matter how much I felt empowered or unique for the thousandth time a feeling came over me telling me I wanted to change to it.
You know that smile where the teeth are straight, pearly white and aligned to fit your face? That smile where you can show all your gums without being fearful that the framework of your smile will look hideous on camera. That smile where no matter what angle you pose you still SLAY. I just want to smile and not be self-conscious!

It’s not self-hate! Trust me, I’ve come a looooooooooooong way to be accepting of the things I cannot change and a lover of all things FLAWED.
Yet, as a woman who understands everyone has their own insecurities, I know that my smile is one of mine. Every so often I am reminded of why I want to change it.
That’s why I wasn’t mad when I saw that Cardi B recently upgraded her smile. In the beginning, she embraced her flaws and rolled with the punches but like so many other celebrities on the rise of their career she made some changes. There were many naysayers, and at first, I felt some type of way because as a woman she set the example that you could be beautiful and have a crooked smile. Then I put myself in her shoes.

Honestly, your perceptions of yourself are your perceptions and sometimes that means in order to be the best version of yourself you don't have to like everything! There's always room for improvement. You can have confidence in your flaws, love yourself, and still want to change things and that's just the nature of the game!

I want a smile that reads like the websites selling Lumineers and Veneers. I want a smile where I feel confident no matter the angle of the picture. I want a smile that satisfies me every time I grin.


  1. If that's what you want go get it. I paid for my braces myself and it was the best money - a lot of money but still the best - that I ever spent.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Lucinda! I truly I appreciate it.