10 Thoughts I've Had As A Black Student At A PWI

I know I said I will be blogging every day and I am! Right now, I'm just busy. I apologize for  the delay and today I'm playing catch up! I promise to make it up!

I remember the days before I would head to school I would watch reruns of  A Different World on TBS in the mornings.  I always thought what would my life be like as a student at an HBCU? Flash forward 16 years later I ended up attending a PWI (University of Rochester) strictly because it was convenient for my life circumstances and finances. At the U of R I did my fair share of student activism, involved myself with multicultural organizations, and tried to balance being a broke first generation college student while "fighting" off the system. Every year I think about what life would be like as a student at an HBCU. I think about the culture, I think about the campus climate and my LOVVVVEE for all things BLACK. So here's to ten thoughts I've had as a Black student at a PWI.

1. I should have took my ass to Howard.

Howard's homecoming always fell the same weekend as my school, to be honest, I have no legit reason why I've never attended HU homecoming other than being broke! Yet, Howard's homecoming was always a constant reminder of where I wanted to be. Due to the experiences of Black folks  at my school Black alum rarely come back to homecoming.

I know folks travel from all over the country for the HU Experience. There's so much pride in being an HBCU student and although I believe each school has their own problems if I knew then what I knew now I would have thought carefully about my college application process. #THERESALWAYSGRADSCHOOL

2. I can't relate to bougie folks (although I'm fake bougie lol , the JOKES)

There are some who are down to earth, then there are others who need a reality check. Oh! You have a maid. Oh! You left the country for 3 weeks and lived where? Girl, you mad cause your Birkin bag has a scratch on it?..... That bag is half of someone's salary.

3. Where's my Dorian?

Dorian was so fine from A Different Word. I honestly don't know why I thought I would come to college and meet my Dorian here. Maybe it was because of movies like Love & Basketball, Stomp The Yard, and Drumline (don't judge me). WELP! Good things come to those who wait! Keep molding him for me God, keep molding him for me!

4. I shouldn't feel like a prisoner in my own city. 

The University of Rochester is very much a bubble within my city. There are people from all different walks of life, hell, even different animals that I don't see on the other side of campus in the heart of the inner city of Rochester. And this is the exact problem, being on campus made me feel like a prisoner especially when racial concerns arose. It was even harder trying to explain to friends and relatives what life was life ten steps away from their home.

5. Financial Aid I'm B.R.O.K.E as a J.O.K.E. Stop asking me for money!

Nothing has irked me more in my college career than the financial aid office. Sometimes I really don't know where they expect me to pull money from to cover my tuition. They always have questions like "Didn't you work this summer?, What did you spend your money on?". Oh, I don't know FOOD maybe because PEOPLE STARVE ON CAMPUS IN THE SUMMER. Maybe, I paid for my phone bill so I could call you and tell you I'M BROKE BABY!

6. I love my Black professors.

With the few Black professors I've had throughout my time at the University of Rochester I loved the connections I made and most importantly the things I've learned from outside of the classroom. They showed me that it's possible to cross the paths they've created. They also challenged me to do better when I thought that being good was sufficient.

7. Systematic race issues seem to go over the head of some administrators.

Nope. I'll never stop talking about racism or racial issues because it's embedded in the foundation of this country. So much, that people have to be politically correct and play the game in order to appeal to the masses of individuals who have the money and power. And don't get me wrong it's not all administrators but a good chunk of those whose job is to protect the University they serve and #IAINTMADATCHA.

8. BSU saved my life.

BSU allowed me to sharpen my leadership skills and learn better strategies maneuver through systematic issues. #LOYALTYALWAYS

9. I just want my degree.

After dealing with fighting the power on campus , I often times questioned why the people who were getting paid to deal with issues regarding campus climate and race relations couldn't fulfill their job descriptions. In the end, I realized, I  just want my degree.

10. I don't when I'll return (I know I will, I just need a break), but when I become a millionaire I'm donating DIRECTLY to organizations and offices that have helped me.

Alumni relations doesn't need to contact me! I know where I'll be giving my money to.