Listening to "Mascara" by Jazmine Sullivan Does Not Make Me Superficial

"Yeah my hair, and my ass fake, but so what!
I get my rent paid with it
and my tits get me trips to places I can't pronounce right
He said he'd keep it coming, if I keep my body tight"- Mascara

So I decided to up my blogging game by blogging every day for the rest of the month. An amazing thing happened to me last week. #SMARTBROWNGIRL Jouelzy (who I adore, and admire) was answering questions on Snapchat. I decided to pose a question not thinking she would answer, but she did!!! #THANKSGOD #THATSALLNEEDED

I asked her: what advice do you have for young bloggers? She said, be consistent, read more, and surround yourself with people who inspire you! After that moment I decided to blog every day for the rest of August (hopefully into September too). Deep down I know I need to do this in order to better my writing and dedicate myself to my craft! To be honest as of late I've been losing my touch so cheers to my first blog everyday challenge from here on out you'll see posts mark with #BEC until I feel like stopping. I hope you enjoy.

After hearing Jazmine Sullivan's album Reality Show this past July (I know I'm late) I fell in love with the song Mascara, so much I've been blasting it down the streets of Rochester. It never seems to fail when people hear the lyrics yeah my hair and my ass fake... but so what, I get my rent paid wit it I get mean mugged like there's no tomorrow.

I mean, if I saw how I was jamming to this song to those lyrics alone I would shoot a side-eye too but the context of the song is key.

The reason why I keep Mascara on blast is because I'm obsessed with Instagram. I'm obsessed with looking at the lastest fits and the lifestyle of the lavish. I'm obsessed with the motivation but I also understand at times I'm looking into the facades of what people want me to see. I know that there's someone who feins for Instagram likes and if they don't get enough attention their self-esteem is lowered. There are women and men alike who insta pages look so similar full of the same sexy poses and "professional photography" photos. Not to mention, it seems like everyone needs to show they've been somewhere hell, #IAIN'TMADATCHA.

As Jazmine stated in her interview with MusicXclusivesTV

I was looking at [videos girls uploaded on Instagram], and I was looking at each of their pages, and [they all] looked like a carbon copy of [each] other, and I was like, ‘Wow, their lives look so similar’. [… From] the way they pose, to their bodies– the way their bodies looked– to their lifestyle, [they] all looked like [each] other. I felt like that is something I should document. If only to look back, I feel like this album would be like a time capsule where we could look back and see how we were affected by society, or how how society was at a certain time.
And this is why I keep Mascara on! I hope while I'm blasting it down the streets of Rochester it actually touches someone who needs to hear the message. As dope as the beat it's all about the message. If you haven't heard Mascara yet press play below.