Savages Are People Who Pretend They’re Not Broken


When Rihanna “Needed Me” hit these lyrics became everyone’s favorite lines didn't they tell you that I was a savage? Fuck your white horse and a carriage”

It seems those motivated by these lyrics were either people who were:
  1.  Sh**** on by their “significant” other (yes, I’m using this word “significant” loosely),
  2. People who don’t believe in the fairly tales of the white horse and carriage
  3. Those who like simply like the lyrics
  4. Single folks who don’t got time for the drama in “relationships” and,
  5. People who haven’t fully mended their broken heart(s) (Al green, talk to em) 
Honestly, I wish people would stop acting like they’re happy to be a savage! It seems to be the proudest declaration for people in their dating stages who simply can’t get the outcomes they deserve or want. And I will admit, our generation of today needs to take the blame. If our culture wasn’t so accepting of being a generation that doesn’t want relationships maybe people wouldn't been so keen on embracing being “broken beasts”. Yes, I said it because that’s exactly what people are doing, walking around acting like they’re 100% savage when they’re in fact not completely healed from their past relationships or experiences.

What I really want to ask them is: WHO HURT YOU? I think the savage person you want to embrace needs to be reassessed cause ain’t nothing worst than a broken beast playing the game blinded, right? 

And if they ask “Charli, what do you mean”? I will tell them that it’s not cute to play the game when your pieces are not properly aligned  together. Nothing about being “straight up savage”, uncaring, uncontrollable, relenting, and unhealed is popping, it’s a process.

Whether you being a savage is to protect yourself from sleeping with a broken heart, or attempting to get back at the person who hurt you if you really want to be a savage, if you really want to go beast mode focus on your damn self. In the words of Donald Driver:

Don’t get mad. Don’t get even. Do better. Much better. Rise above. Become so engulfed in your own success that you forget it ever happened.

Stop going around here putting into the universe the same energy that had you stuck on stupid and torn. You are really not that popping if you got to break someone else down. Let karma do the work! 

In fact, if I hear another person say “girl it’s time to go savage mode”, I think I may faint because for all those people “claiming” to be savages, how many of them are truly happy in their relationships, situation-ships, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, one night stands etc. ? I’ll wait.

And if they are genuinely happy then this post is not for you. But then again maybe it is. 

It must be so exciting to have 12 people on your hit-list and not one them of physical, mental and emotional substance.

It must be so exciting to play the game and have all your "pieces" (people you're interested in for those of you who don't know) fall and your time wasted.

It must be so exciting to walk into situations feeling popping when really you’re just tryna rebound from the ground.

It must be nice to sleep around with dogs and wake up with flea bites.

And this best part of it all is you get to return to favor to someone else because continuing the cycle of broken love trains is what it’s all about. Boy, the O’Jays would be proud!

Savages are cover ups for people who want play love but never placed their eggs in the right baskets. Sometimes, it’s not a lifestyle that is chosen but a movement to be reckoned with because someone forgot the common decency of being honest, respectful, or trustworthy.  It’s like the Tragedy of the Commons, but in this scenario everyone is fighting to be savages for love, and those who don’t want to play the childish games still some how are scorned by the “broken beasts”.

And although sometimes it is very tempting to be a fake savage, I want no parts. There’s too many good people going “bad”  because ain’t s*** humans decided they don’t want to be caught up in their feelings. I only have one piece of advice for my fellow savages, don't get too caught up on the savage life, you forget to mend!



  1. I love love love this. I always think about how in our generation we equate catching feelings, falling in love, getting into a relationship with weakness. When in reality we are all so terrified to open up and love truly. It's vulnerable but with facing that vulnerability comes real strength. I'm here for radical softness as a means to heal the wounds of the world. Love your perspective!

  2. I Know I am late! However, thank you my love!

  3. So, this post sums up my life after my engagement broke off and I agree with you. I wasn't a savage. I was a damaged women and I needed to learn to let go and forgive. I agree the fancy of not caring in a relationship is crazy and I really hope this generation wakes up and can face the facts.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I hear you, we do need to wake up!

  4. Diva with DepressionOctober 26, 2017 at 3:04 PM

    THIS!!!! Along with "keepin it real". SMH. I always tell people that I spend too much time and money fixing myself to put up with "real savages". It's selfish and destructive. Thanks for calling them out!

    1. Self-destruction we're headed from self-destruction! Thank you for stopping by.