Bye 2016, I'm Saying Goodbye Early

This has been one inconsistent, consistent a** year for me. In the beginning of this year, I decided I would love myself more, take an initiative for things and people I want in my life and reevaluate my purpose. Mid-year I caught myself slipping. There's something about the feeling of starting over that gives me the highest motivation, yet, somewhere along the line I became too comfortable.

I started to feel the urge to associate myself with distractions unbeknownst me at the time but God removed them to put me on the path of clarity. From there the blessings kept rolling.

I decided to reinvent my swag and go on a spiritual cleansing to knock me loose of the demons. Earlier this year I made a post listing my goals for 2016. I'm proud to say that I was able to hit 3 of my goals! I left NYS, had the balls to travel on my 21st ALONE and seriously sat down with myself to discuss my needs and wants. 

Throughout the year I stayed listening to love songs and somehow made it my mission to tell folks "I could never lose, what chu thought". However, I am sure Bobby Womack That's The Way I Feel About Cha will be my most played song.

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Near the end of this year, I started observing myself taking more L's. Honestly, I wasn't being consistent in the journey I wanted for myself.I realized my dreams were not matching my hustle and I didn't believe in my hustle for the fear of what others would think. This ultimately led me to the decision to postpone law school. Now I'm putting that past me. 2016 was the year of the awakening and I am grateful for the experiences I've had, the people I've met and those who helped me in every inch in the progression of my womanhood. 

My biggest lesson this year: I don't want  to wait for the ball to drop to say that I'm ready to start a fresh slate. I want to live by the promises I made to myself when I turned 21.  If I didn't get it right on July 13, 2016 the least I can do is wake up everday for the rest of my life and start again.
So I'm bringing in a new start like....

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I'm sure each day won't be peaches and cream but I can cry it out and start over.


  1. That's great inspiration right here. I want to start living the promises i made to myself without waiting for the new year! Thanks for sharing.

    Edwige #Blmgirl |

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Edwige! I will be visiting your website!!!

  3. I swear I know what you mean about this year being tough and having so many goals that you wanted to work through. Congrats on getting through 3 goals though (: I am curious to what your new year will have in store.

    Isaly Holland