Spotify Makes Changes to Our Personalized Year In Music

I've been a Spotify customer since 2013 of my senior year in high school. I decided to join Spotify because most of my prized possessions in music were not accessible in Rhapsody's music catalog, where I was a former subscriber. From there, my love for Spotify has grown, although there are a few charms such as Aaliyah classics that are extremely hard to find on streaming services, and Playa jams like Birthday I'm more than satisfied with Spotify's service.

In 2014, when Spotify released Spotify Your Year in Music, it was a dope interactive and personable layout of data displaying:

1. My first played song of the year
2. My top songs, artists, and genres 
3. My top artists by season
4. Total minutes of music listened to
5. Total number of songs and artists played

I appreciated this because as a music lover, I tend to stick to old skool songs and classics without giving new tunes a try. Call it stuck in time but this is exactly what Spotify's data showed me. Most importantly, it not only took me through my year in music, but memories and emotions of struggle, progress, and new beginnings. I'm one of those individuals whose emotions live through the music I listen to. Which is why at the end of the year I look forward to my year in Music. It never seems to fail that Bobby Womack's That's the Way I Feel About Cha is my earworm as on any given day I play it more than 50 times because it speaks to my soul.

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However, this year my year in music was different. I received an emailed titled Your 2016 in music: personalized stats and playlist from Spotify and noticed the BIG downgrade in the presentation of my data. The moving backgrounds, creative imagery, and categories of past years were missing in action. I was disappointed and know darn well I'm not the only subscriber thinking why the change?

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Whatever the answer may be, I hope they make changes for the following year. The past creative displays in my year in music has always left me wanting to know what next year will bring me in music? This year, it felt like that's all you got for me.