What's Next? Dreading The College Senior Question


I spoke with my friend yesterday about life after college and she sparked an energy in me I needed to reignite. I dedicate this post to the new beginnings for all my up and coming college graduates and the reason why we dread hearing what's next?

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Remember, when you were younger and imagined having your dream job after college? Remember saying to yourself that at your 5-year high school reunion you will pull up in a Lamborghini, turning heads for all those who use to clown you? Okay, maybe that was just me, but you get the point.

Now the day is slowly approaching where you will soon be a Graduate from college and you realized that dream job or for me, my Lamborghini is what seems light years away.

You realized that having a Bachelors Degree alone doesn't cut it in today's job market. 

You realized that you're a few steps behind than where you envisioned yourself. You may have even come to the realization that you don't know where the hell you are headed. All you know is that you want to be successful but the picture isn't as clear as to how you'll get there.

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I like so many other college seniors have found themselves suffering from something much worse than senioritis. We are fearing walking into the same struggle that encouraged us to attend college in the first place. Whether this is joining the workforce for an entry pay level job that pays minimal to nothing. It may even be fearing that our investment in higher education will not pay off in the end. We refuse to have a degree and work as a cashier in somebody's Family Dollar because this is not why we pursued higher ed.  Don't try to give us the talk, that we should have been engineers! As far as I'm concerned, that was not my calling or interest.

In our final stages we are trying to make these memories count because we will only be college seniors once! We are trying to fulfill our requirements to graduate and figure out the next stage. It's like playing chess as if your life depends on it, and whether or not we want to admit it our life depends on the choices we make from here on out! 
The joys of being recipients of the awards we received for being campus leaders and students, no longer will hold weight in our next stage. It's not to say that the work we did for our communities no longer matter but in the next phase of our lives,  we're measuring our success differently.

Nevertheless, we dread the question of what's next, because we genuinely don't know what's to come. Although in this moment of our lives we are pressed for success, and probably going through the challenges of being stressed and confused, it is my hope we remain happy.

We may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we know that it exists. Our worth is not determined by our fears or the unknown. If we focus on our passions and interest the rest too shall come.