When Beat Faces Beat Your Self-Esteem


I love a beat face! From those fleeky eyebrows to those wings that pop out from the side of the eye, hell even to that contour line, I LOVE IT. When I was younger I could not wait until the day I was able to rock a face full of make-up with my grown woman heels. Back then, I used to think that the beating of one's face was easy, all you needed to do was rock lip balm, lipstick, and mascara. Nowadays, today's make-up styles put these thoughts to shame. 

When it comes to mastering the craft of Make-up you better respect the artist, the canvas, and the before and after pictures. Ain't nothing like that beat glow, a good beat will take you from  feeling like:

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to wanting to be all up in another's space:

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And let's not act like the vloggers, bloggers, and Instagram models don't make us eager to get a beat. From Itsmyrayeraye, Jackie Aina, Smartisa Beauty, Jasmine Latisha and the list goes on and on the way these women slay motivate us all to keep it together! And this comes with a blessing and a curse.

What I noticed over time as a frequent Instagram late night explorer is that beatiess (yeah, I made that word up) faces have the largest followings. If you take a moment to surf down your favorite Instafamous feed you'll notice they're keeping you entertained by either factual videos about life, comedy, or gravitating photos of slayage. They are picture perfection!

I won't act like as women this is something we don't shoot for. We love to feel comfortable in our skin and nothing motivates us more than a quick glow. I know you've all heard this one too many times, but, when you look good you truly feel good. And when you look bad, ugh you just feel terrible (maybe I made this part up, but it's damn true for me). Like what's the real reason we need dope captions on Instagram? Pictures are worth a thousand words but with a good caption, you can multiply the worth by 10. 

This where my problem lies if I'm not picture perfect when it's time to be ready I feel some type of way. Don't get me wrong, I am confident in my looks yet, the more I'm caught up on having a beat face the less attention I'm paying to what I love naturally about myself. This is not an attack on the women who keep a beat face like clock-work but just an observation of myself. Let me tell you I cannot wait for the day I am able to be on fleek 100% #ain'tnohalfstepping. 

Yet, for these past few months, I noticed the more I started wearing make-up, the more my skin started to change and I felt the need to depend on it to cover my rough patches and those annoying bags under my eye. Will I stop wearing make-up? Hell No!

Until my 100% fleek days arrives I want to make sure that I'm cautious of the reasons why I'm choosing the beat! And that whether not I have a fleek face my self-esteem is not receiving a beat down.

Nothing is worse than depending on something that eventually has to come off.