10 Things You Wished You Told The Ultimate F*ck Boy

When it comes to f*uckboys there are some things you may have wanted to tell him that you forgot. WELP with these things on the list somethings are better left unsaid.

1. I was only entertaining you because I was bored.

The truth is I am easily bored. So, when you came around I decided to play along knowing damn well nothing of substance would come for it. You've got live and learn and I can deal with my decision.

2. I expected you to disappoint me
No shade, but I always expect for people to disappoint me one way or another. I'm working on it but thank you for proving me right.

3. Who the f*ck do you think you're f*cking with
I could violate the sh*t out of you if I really wanted to. I make moves like Michonne from The Walking Dead.  But you know what? Me violating you does nothing for me.

4. I never keep my eggs in one basket!
On to the next....on, on, to the next one.

5. Do you want someone like you to date your momma, sisters, and aunts?
Have you ever taken the time to examine yourself? Do you want the women in your family to date a man like you?

6. I hope the next woman you date, crushes your ego to the point of no return!
Someone needs to break you, to let you know that walking around town playing with people's emotions is completely unacceptable. What goes around comes around and just know when it happens to you, remember what you did to others.

7. You're the epitome of ain't sh*tness.
As Trina once rhymed "N***** ain't sh*t but h*es and tr*cks".

8. I'm not stressed that you ain't sh*t. I'm more surprised you were able to hide it so well.
Everybody plays the fool sometime just like lucifer can disguise himself as an angel. Not really tomato or "tomato" but you get the point.

9. Savages are lost souls.
Don't get too caught up on being a savage, I hear savages are really broken people.

10. "They always come back" and when you return please note I DON'T WANT YOU. 
(The sarcasm in this Gif below is real.)
 Those who exit out of your life always seem to come back or "feel bad" when they mess up. When you return, I'll be past my past thoughts of you.

Like my dearest Plies said:

When a person show you they ain't sh*t be done, let go and let god. ✌🏾