20 Black Clothing Companies That Do It for The Culture

I love the culture and I'm obsessed with art, clothes, and artists who dedicate their time to doing what they do for the culture. This list contains 20 dope ass clothing companies and artists who simply do it for us! Whether it be your love for 90s shows like Martin and A Different World, African prints from the motherland, or pieces that are simply are a reflection of BLACKNESS, you will find something for you!

 2DOPE4KIDZ: 2Dope4Kidz is an Atlanta-based clothing brand created for individual thinkers, who express themselves through fashion. Heavily influenced by the 90's urban culture, 2Dope4kidz offers dope 90's retro inspired shirts, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, shades, and jeans.

BLACK NOSTALGIA:  Black Nostalgia is a clothing company inspired by Urban clothing brand inspired by the 80's & 90's.

BLACK AF: Known as the BLACKEST website on the internet. Black As F*uck sells apparel for men women that highlight the dopest shows and memorable characters in culture.

BLACK ACTION TEES: Whether it's superheroes, comics, old school hip hop, movies, video games or retro, we are compelled to make a dope tee about!! We Are Black Pop Culture!

BLACK CHILD: Black Child Clothing, established January 2015, is a Chicago native company. Their vision is to promote black love, black empowerment, and challenge the negative narrative associated with the black community. The term "Black Child" was inspired by Useni Eugene Perkins poem, "Hey Black Child". During the Harlem Renaissance Movement, Mr. Perkins wrote this poem to challenge the perception of how black people viewed themselves.

BROWN GIRL GIFTS:  The Brown Girl Gifts product line was created to address the lack of diversity in everyday products for girls of color. Many families are becoming multicultural due to interracial marriages, adoptions, and blended families, and as a result, there is a need for more products to represent that diversity.  The term "Brown Girl" is universal and has wide appeal to many ethnicities--African-American/Bi-racial, Hispanic, Latina, Asian, Indian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern.

CARIB IBIS: Developed in 2013, Carib Ibis is company, dedicated to West Indian heritage and tribal influences through the frequent use of intense bright colors and recurrent Afro-Caribbean
folkloric themes.

DOPE SOCIETY: Founded by artist/designer Denisio Truitt in 2013 as a t-shirt and women's apparel line, DOPEciety now includes various items for both men and women, bags, art prints, and other varied items.

HGC APPAREL: HGC Apparel is a socially conscious clothing brand for men and women. Their clothing consists of vintage style black pride T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats that send a message of up.

HILLMAN COLLEGE: Inspired by the hit television store A Different World Hillman College pays homages to an iconic show that influenced Black culture. As quoted by the creator "“we” matter, and deserve to be represented. --- And that is how we are here…--- HillmanBookstore.com---… It’s bigger than just a TV show…."

L'AVIYE: A global online retailer of African-inspired clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Born in 2012, L’AVIYE combines African fashion and African print fabric with current Western trends, to provide unique, trend-led African inspired clothing and accessories. Sourcing fabrics from across Africa and Europe, they transform a wide variety of African-inspired fabrics into one of a kind jewelry, accessory and clothing pieces that you'll treasure again and again.

MELANIN APPARELMelanin Apparel is a company focusing on bringing pride back to the black community. Their brand encourages all people of the African diaspora to celebrate our cultural differences while highlighting the beauty of blackness and the power of melanin.

OCACIAOcacia is an owned African bespoke designer label that tailor makes clothes that you customize. All clothes are made just for you. They focus on attire for professionals looking for high-end quality and modern African attire for all occasions.

PRESTON MITCHELL: Nashville, TN native Preston Mitchell, is a visual artist who specializes in Conceptual Illustration. Growing up in the 90s allowed him to gain most of his inspiration. He's very well known by his Street Artist name, TatPack.

REBEL V. APPAREL:  Developed by creator Martissa Williams Rebel (v.) Apparel is a lifestyle brand whose bottom line is to inspire you to be and love exactly who you are.

SMART BROWN GIRL: Created by one of my favorite Black women Jouelzy, #SmartBrownGirl is all about celebrating the diversity of women of color. Breaking down the barriers that are often placed on women of color, #SmartBrownGirl is dedicated to encouraging young women & girls to define their own success story.

SOULSEED APPAREL: Seed Apparel is dedicated to promoting uplifting and empowering t-shirts, etc for people of African descent or those that appreciate the culture. Soulseed Apparel creates designs that are positive and inspiring contributing to helping to combat negative portrayals and stereotypes inflicted by society and our own selves.

TALLENTO: A designer, tattoo artist, photographer, fashion stylist, and graphic designer Tallento creates accessories for the urban spirit whose geeked to our culture favorite films like Set-It-Off, Belly, Juice and The Last Dragon. You may have caught Jim Jones rocking his Living Single hat in The Breakfast Club interview last year.

X'PAYNE MERCHANDISE:  One of my favorite artists, Xavier Payne is passionate about creating artwork with a nostalgic quality and rich colors. Inspired by American movie posters and album covers from every era, he likes to create narratives with his work and mixing subject matter such as, but not limited to: fantasy, violence, human rights, love, hate, race, identity, and pop culture of different generations. He often refers to his work as "Black-Pop," which is a word that focuses on the value of African American influence on American Popular culture

YES LIONESS:  Yes Lioness is a specialty brand, where products are made to order with Great aspirations and A LOT OF HEART! It is my life’s work to create & share images with the world that uplift & inspire and every piece & package is infused with the touch of my spirit and brush stroke of my light.

This is a SMALL list compared to the thousands of folks out here doing it for the culture, check back soon for an extended list of companies.