Diddy is a Hip-Hop pioneer, prince, king, and mogul. He is the true meaning of success. It would only make since for me to follow him on snap chat. Diddy, like DJ Khalid is known for making motivational post to his followers. In some ways I like to think of Diddy as a "Hip-Hop preacher", So today,  when Diddy woke up to call out Hip-Hop leaders on their cooning, it didn't matter WHO he was talking to but that his message went viral:

“I ain’t got the time, I ain’t got the time, I ain’t got the time, ” Diddy says. “If it ain’t about going up, about being positive, about getting some money, and loving God … too much buffoonery and coonery going on. The culture is getting killed. I’m not even saying anything about it because I am just so burnt out.” 
Diddy goes further to telling folks to educate themselves on true meaning on Hip-Hop and taking accountability for their actions. You can peep the video below:

Although the Hip-Hop community is connecting Diddy's message to the recent beef between Chris Brown and Soujla Boy, the message is not isolated to these two men alone. Truth is Hip-Hop has been struggling for a while now, with artists who are unoriginal, trapping more than they've actually lived , and losing ground to the message (pun intended) of the culture. This is the same reason I study Hip-Hop and the politics of Hip-Hop culture, because the commercialization of the culture has altered the native and just like my boy Common Sense has said left H.E.R looking stupid.

I'm glad Hip-Hop biggest leaders like Diddy, refuse to stand by the f*uckery. Most importantly I'm glad they are acknowledging the responsibility the Hip-Hop community has to stay true to its roots.