Mic Cheka: J . Cole's "High for Hours" and His Message for You

J. Cole dropped High for Hours on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As I expected his lyrics were fueled by sociopolitical lyrics assessing the current state of race relations in our society, his critique on Obama's leadership and the reality of being an agent of change. One of the dopest lines Coles has is based on his perspective on Obama's role in helping the Black community:

He said, "There's things that I wanna fix
But you know this shit, nigga: politics."
A conversational piece for sure, my biggest lyric shocker was Cole's comment on Osama Bin Laden's death:

Remember when Bin Laden got killed, supposedly?
 It's a lyric I feel went over the head of a lot of folks. Any who, Cole goes a step further by analyzing the role of the oppressed in the revolution, verse three is everything:

Abused becomes the abuser and that's just how life go
So understand
You get the power, but you know what power does to man?
Corruption always leads us to the same shit again
So when you talk 'bout revolution
Dawg, I hear just what you sayin'
What good is takin' over
When we know what you gon' do?....
If you haven't listened to High for Hours, do so now! The name is fitting to the thought provoking thoughts you will have afterwards.

If there's anything to take away from the song, remember "the only real revolution happens right inside of you"!