The Deadly Lie of Carolyn Bryant Donham and Why I Refuse to Accept Her "Apology"

Carolyn Bryant Donham is caused the horrific, death of Emmett Till.A 14, year old African-American male who was kidnapped, beaten beyond measure, shot, and thrown into a river for making advances at Carolyn in the dirty South of 1995.

Donham's husband at the time, Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W Milan who committed the heinous crime were trialed and acquitted under an 1 hour of deliberation. No one ever served time for the death of Till. Till's death would go on to become a game changer, and push for the Civil Rights Movement of the early 60s. More than 60 years, after the catastrophic murder of Till, after decades of silence, Carolyn Bryant Donham has come forward to retract her statements that caused Till's death.

As posted by Vanity Fair revealed:

"Down through the decades, Carolyn Bryant Donham (she would divorce, then marry twice more) was a mystery woman. An attractive mother of two young boys, she had spent approximately one minute alone with Till before, in view of others, the alleged whistling had occurred. (He may not have whistled; he was said to have a lisp.) Carolyn then dropped out of sight, never speaking to the media about the incident. But she is hidden no more. In a new book, The Blood of Emmett Till (Simon & Schuster), Timothy Tyson, a Duke University senior research scholar, reveals that Carolyn—in 2007, at age 72—confessed that she had fabricated the most sensational part of her testimony. “That part’s not true,” she told Tyson, about her claim that Till had made verbal and physical advances on her. As for the rest of what happened that evening in the country store, she said she couldn’t remember. (Carolyn is now 82, and her current whereabouts have been kept secret by her family.)"

Carolyn also revealed that “Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him.” She also admitted she “felt tender sorrow,” Tyson would note, “for Mamie Till-Mobley”—Emmett Till’s mother, who died in 2003 after a lifetime spent crusading for civil rights.

Now that Donham's has taken the internet by storm and riled up the hearts of many people including myself, after taking time to examine the situation I decided I refuse to accept her apology. I say this for a few reasons.

  • There's not one apology that can change history, or the unjust systematic deaths of Black people that White supremacists use to justify their deaths, through the death of Till. (Don't let this point go over your head! In Till's death they Blame him, just like the Trayvon's and Tamir's of our time. ) 
  • In her apology she used the word "boy". Yes, Till was an adolescent during the time of his death, however, historically the word "boy" is a racial slur and with a HISTORY like her's I would choose my words carefully. 
  • There is no comparison to the death of Mamie Till-Mobley' s son and Donham's, Till's death was not only racially motivated but premature. 
  • As noted in Vanity she didn’t officially repent and is apparently not the type to join any racial-reconciliation groups. 
I refuse to accept half apologies. If Donham cannot fully apologize and invest in change by joining a reconciliation group, then I don't want to hear sorry. I've followed the death and aftermath of Till since grade school. I will definitely, be purchasing The Blood of Emmett Till as a read for 2017. What are your thoughts on the matter?



  1. Smh this story makes me so mad. I didn't know there was a book though, and I'm going to add that to my 2017 reading list also.

    1. Also, her family was in the wrong too for hiding her. they proabbly knew what was up smh. -Trisha (

  2. Trisha I completely agree, it's disgusting! Thanks for stopping by!!! Your blog is DOPE by the way, I just subscribed.