The Problem With Fake Thugging

Media: RAPUP

"Ain't sh*t funny about the struggle"

This week social lurkers had a good laugh looking at Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef over Karrueche. According to The Shade Room, the beef started when Soulja Boy posted a comment under Karrueche’s photo, apparently, Chris Brown didn't appreciate the gesture and contacted Soulja Boy. Afterward, Soulja Boy decided to call him out on social media. The two men battle it out over social media calling each other names, then suddenly gang affiliations are thrown into the mix and later we find Soulja Boy live on Instagram in the hood of Compton trying to prove to the world "it's all good in the hood" only to what appears to have his phone jackedYou can peep the long story here #IDON'TGOTTIME. If you want to watch the full video you can watch it below:

After watching this situation and Soulja Boy's apology I will admit I too had a great laugh because I'm genuinely confused as to what the hell is going on. Yet there's a bigger problem in what we are all seeing here, the problem of fake thugging. Charlemagne the God said it the best:

"It's literally millions of kids in the hoods of America who would love to get out the hood and you privileged celebrity dying to be a gang-banger. Why you want to be in the hood if you don''t have to be? Why you want to be a gang banger if you don't got to be?

I don't know the answer to these questions, but all I know is ain't sh*t funny about the struggle. It's mind-boggling to me that people who have "made it out of the struggle" want to buy into the struggle in order prove their credibility. And to who? For what? To end up in jail or dead like other artists, #THISAINTCUTE. Let's keep it real, Soulja Boy is not the only artist out here fronting, even if he does have an old gangsta backing his actions, not everyone is buying the show.

Now the G.O.A.T's Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson are preparing to train Boy, and Brown for their upcoming boxing match and 50 Cent has his hand in the pot too. All I got to say is no one wins in fake thugging. It hurts communities, it kills careers and it can kill people! I don't want to see nobody hurt, but here's a lesson I think Soulja Boy could use in this situation: love ya self boy or nobody will.