Nothing's Funny About #HURTBAE

I heard about #HURTBAE long before I actually watched the video thanks to memes floating around about Kourtney, the woman in #HURTBAE. Since the video explored a sensitive topic and was trending on social media, I decided to see what the hype was about.

The story is simple: Two people come into a relationship, they become best friends, trust issues arise because the guy is not ready to commit, and eventually the relationship fails.

Genuinely Kourtney expresses the pain in her past relationship with Leonard, where she was emotionally connected to a man, who was emotionally departed and no longer invested in their union. Amongst many things:

She lost trust 

He lost interest 

He was giving his attention to other women 

She wanted attention from him 

He shared himself with another woman and got caught 

She cried over her worth 

He didn't understand why she wanted to stay

She didn't want to go

Here's what takes the cake, when Kourtney asks Leonard  how many times did he cheat on her, he repsonded: 

I don't know.. I wasn't counting.

After that I paused and was over the video! Firstly because, my mother always taught me love don't hurt and secondly, because I believe there is no way that a man will love you to pain, if he truly loves you. Lastly, I realized I'm not in any postion to judge their relationship because I have never loved so deeply.

Then, afterward I pressed play again only to hear the young man say:

There was nothing that you could of done differently, that I think would of prevented it..

In other words, she did all she could do he just wasn't sh*t.

After this I was flipping out, 10 things came to my mind:

1. Leonard, why didn't you leave?
2. Who hurt you?
3. Do you not see how pretty Kourtney is (she don't need you and your ish)
4. Slap him, NOW!!!!! (Okay maybe not literally, but in your mind, nevermind SLAP HIM!!!)
5. She let him disrespect her and returned
6. Ain't no be friends bih
7. If you know you were lucky why did you f*ck it up
8. Why do you want to be friends? To keep her close when you finally get right
9. No Leonard is not a bad guy he just needs to heal aka he needs help
10. This best friend mess, has got to stop

Simply nothing is funny about #HURTBAE because everyone has a weakness and love is a powerful drug, that can blind, and change your perception. What happened to Kourtney could happen to any woman, but it's about how we heal and deal with the aftermath of our pain.

Someone once said on social media that not everyone you meet is meant for you. Sometimes an individual comes into your life to give you a lesson and make you a better person for the love of your life. So even if it seems like there is no one out here for you, past lovers are experiences you should look to as lessons. In Kourtney and Leonard case these are whole ass factuals.

The internet can be a funny place sometimes but Kourtney's pain is not a joke. I hope she goes on to find peace and that Leonard.....I'm just going to leave it at that.



  1. It's always amazing to me how people will take situations like this and use it as an excuse to feel superior. Like hurt isn't a feeling all of us have experienced and (hopefully) grown from. But they instead laugh and say "Not me!", as if there is a right and wrong way to experience hurt and betrayal! Excellent post!

  2. I definitely agree!!!! Sometimes we need to put ourselves in the "shoes" of others. Thanks so much for stopping by Audrey!!!!