Don't Call It A Comeback......Nicki Minaj Responds to Remy Ma

The rap battle between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj is a part of Hip-Hop culture. Hands down, if you're a Hip-Hop head then you understand that rap battles are an integral part of the genre. Although many people have said this is a a disheartening battle in which two Black women are tearing each other a part, let's  not act like battle rap is suppose to be sugar coated.

First things first there's been a lot of talk regarding the purpose of the feud, if you don't understand how this feud came to be, I advise you to listen to The Breakfast Club video below:

Remy's song "shETHER" was blow for blow an epic battle rap that will go down in history. Named after the iconic rap battle record "Ether" by Nas, Remy's song reflected much of a similar feel of Nas anger towards Jay-Z, but in this scenario it was for Minaj. Wordplay and metaphors in rap are important and as someone who is not a Remy fan, I was able to appreciate Remy's artistry.

I like anyone else was waiting to hear Ms. Minaj respond...

After everyone and their mama gave an opinion, Ms. Minaj came through on her own time with "No Frauds", "Changed it" and "Regret Your Tears". If that wasn't enough Minaj went to her Instagram to express the importance of hit making, why she's the queen and her challenge for Remy:

“The greats took three months to respond to diss records. Queens don’t move on peasant time. Queens shut down Paris, then drop hits on #QueenTime… Been writing my own raps since I was 11. God knows. Next week I’ll beat Aretha [Franklin] for the most Hot 100 hits on Billboard by ANY woman in the world EVER in the history of music. Stay in your bum ass place. Jealousy gets you nowhere.”
 “Now I got a countdown of my own for Sheneneh. You got 72 hours to drop a hit and I’ll give you half a million dollars if you can book ANY show or interview without mentioning the Queen name.”

I peeped her tracks and sat here thinking "Nicki you're strategic as hell but you know damn well, you could have served Remy".

I get that Nicki's job in the game is to sell records and as the top woman in the game as of now, she owes no one an answer. But, I hope she remembers, just because you're in the top position don't mean you don't have to respond, or that you don't have to give your all. The crown in Hip-Hop is always up for the taking, and as the Queen you must keep winning.

I personally feel the content and lyrical play wasn't as strong as it could have been. The only thing that makes Nicki's tracks a comeback is the fact that they're each charting on music boards and Nicki has broken another record in her career. Tying with Aretha Franklin for the most Hot 100 hits, among women, congratulations are in order!!!

Although  I would have love to hear a full dis track with Nicki not featuring other artists I guess I'll leave this battle where it belongs in history.