Chic & Cheap: 15 Clothing Stores for the Broke & Bougie Woman

It’s perfectly okay to be Broke and Bougie, as long as you’re living within your means (please don’t let this go over your head). This list complies clothing companies for women who may be low on funds but still looking to remain high in slayage.

What woman doesn’t want to look good? Have you ever surfed on the web for an online shop and found a popping fit for a good price? I swear catching a sale will have you shouting to the lord for blessing your pockets.

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Cheers to the insta stores, boutiques, and Black owned businesses that help women like us look cheap on a dime.

1. Kosmios $$
A dope website for women, Kosmios brings business chic clothing to the turn up queen.

2. Touch Dolls  $$

Based in Miami Touch Dolls is a cute shop that provides jumpsuits, dresses and that signature piece for when you want to STUNT.

Al-Fuquan Green is smart as hell when it comes to his shop Styling Stingy. Basically it’s the perfect place for Broke Bougie women looking for a vintage look on a dime! Have you ever been thrifting and found a one of a kind piece? Styling Stingy provides thifted goods for the lo-lo price. Being stingy is a lifestyle!


For the Broke and Bougie girl who has a little bit more to spend. House of Chic has some dope pieces for women looking for high end without the hefty price tag. Did I mention slay queen @luvcoleycole is a part of The Chic Chics. You don't know who she is?


An inexpensive shop price generously for your pocket needs.

For the Broke Bougie around the way girls who like a good fit that tells what on their mind, this accessory store is for you.  

7. Mianik

Into chokers? Check out MiaNik! MiANiK (mee aw nik) was founded by sisters Olayinka and Nzinga Noel. They design unique one of a kind chokers by hand for Bougie one of a kind women like you.

8. Huemanity Avenue $

When Imani, the founder of Huemanity Avenue, went on her search of self identity she grew an interest for African headwraps and inspired clothing! This is a dope website for the Broke Bougie & WOKE woman.

9. Akira $$

One of my  favorite shopping places, Akira is a Chi-town based store with over 200 brands, and the latest international and national trends. Their sales are the truth, especially when you're looking for a good quality shoe on sale for $25.00, like these ones below.

Photo: AKIRA
10. PrettyLittleThing  $$

PrettyLittleThing claims to be "your one-stop shop for trend led women's clothing at seriously killer prices. Whether you want the freshest threads straight off the runway, or to steal the style of your fave celeb muse of the moment, at PrettyLittleThing USA we've got you covered with everything you need to keep your style on-point".

11. Boohoo $

Boohoo is what can I and focused on 24/7 fashion. On a good day you can load your cart for 50% off everything including sale.

12. MuurSwagg $$

This shop provides beautiful pieces for the Bougie woman looking to elevate her swag.

Photo: MuurSwagg

13. Tobi $$

On a good day you can find yourself  swagged out for just $13.00 in a cute bodysuit or dress West Coast stylw.

14. Missguided $

This wouldn't be a list without Missguided. You can find fits for $8.00 with their sales. I'm warning you though the flyest fits sell out fast.

15. Fashion Nova $

Say what you want about being tired about of seeing Fashion Nova advertisements but it's cheap, chic and keeps you looking fleek.


Yes. This list contains a lot of mainstream sites. However, I'm always on the hunt to collect stores that add to my pockets and style. Stay tuned for the jumbo list #sooncome

What are some shops you know of? Don't shy away from those special gems! What are your favorites?


  1. This was really helpful! I'm obsessed with fashion Nova though - they have some amazing jeans! xx

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  3. Thank you so much for this list and your website!!! Truly GODsent!!

    1. Thank you for supporting! It keeps me going! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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