Slow Down! A Message To The Young Woman Who Feels Like She's Missing Out

There's a song that comes to mind when writing this, 'Slow Down' by Loose Ends.

That song was released in 1986 and basically highlighted the relationship between a man and woman  that was going left. Someone wasn't getting what they needed or wanted and realized that that person or what they were striving for wasn't necessarily fulfilling them. You can decipher the lyrics yourself. My favorite lines from that jam is below:
"Slow down, cause I can't take the heat slow down...
Is this the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on..." - Loose Ends
Mhmm..those lyrics are the truth!

And that's exactly why I'm writing this post because the message in this song is clear!

This is for you because I know you exist. You feel like you're missing out on dating and being in "love". Why? Because you've probably never been in a relationship, you've probably never even kissed a boy/girl of your dreams and you may be eager to see what's out there, ready to take on the dating world. You're the one sharing post like these:



Although they may never surface publicly on your timeline, they're somewhere floating around in your Messenger and Instagram dm's to your closets girlfriends and homeboys.  Alongside those messages with you talking sh*t about how the folks you're interested can't get their sh*t together.

You know sis, you may be all that in a bag of chips and still wonder why nobody is choosing you.

Instead of realizing maybe it's not your time to be chosen you kinda force yourself to be the next pick. Or perhaps you just want to know where he/she is at?

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In your mind you think it's the summer and you're ready to make moves! Honestly, you may be confused about your moves, seeking clarity about what exactly you're missing out on. Although you know it's best for you to do slow down, you don't, you speed up. You don't know if you want a summer fling or a relationship but you're pretty sure you'll play the game until you get what you "deserve". Why? Because you don't have any emotions. Who the f*ck needs a heart when a heart can be broken? On the field there are too many broken shells and sis you're so sure that won't be you.

But somehow you get gamed by the system where your free throws were supposed to land smooth in the basket.

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Sis, it happens to the best of us! Just because you take an L don't mean you can't bounce back. But remember that blessings don't come to those who rush it. He/she may be fine as hell but substance is and will always be key.

Never act out of boredom or substitute your realities for fantasies. You should never compare the situationship/relationship goals (yeah I went there) of another person to your wants and needs. Sis, you should never hop in the pool not knowing how to swim, trying to play catch up.

As the late Heavy D said "you don't want to mess around and you get cha feelings hurt!"

Baby, your #GLOden season is worth so much more than being in the heat of the night.

If you feel and I mean really feel like you're missing out on something, just sit back and ask yourself

Why and what's the hurry?

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Go find other avenues of fun and know that you're really not missing out on much! Keep building on yourself, what is meant for you will come.