Trappin On A New Level: The Dopest Trap House in Atlanta

This house gives off very Broke, Black and Bougie vibes #IMHEREFORIT!


Honestly, if you haven't seen the pink fixture in Atlanta trending on your social media feed, you must have be living under a rock. This weekend while strolling through my Instagram I kept seeing this pink house as the background for most of my fellow Greeks living it up during the Atlanta Greek Picnic.

The more I saw this house trending, I said to myself "is there a trap festival I'm missing out on?" Nah. lol

Hundreds of people are flocking to Atlanta to visit the Pink Trap House. Thanks to 2 Chainz the house was rented and used for a private listening party for his latest album 'Pretty Girls Like Trap Music'. Since then, the house has become a major attraction and hub for popping Instagram photos and folks looking to spread their creativity. I like many other folks love it, it's definitely #FORTHECULTURE. Unfortunately, though the attraction has become a little chaotic for neighborhood businesses on Howell Mill Road. Watch the #PINKTRAPHOUSE report by Fox5Atlanta.

While businesses and drivers may be complaining the #PINKTRAPHOUSE seems to be showing no signs of slowing down! For 2 Chainz this is definitely great promotion for his album, dammit the house even has it's own Instagram page. Cheers to the #Blackfolksmarketingskills, #Trapmagic and all the beautiful folks fake trappin at the #PINKTRAPHOUSE. Here's some of my favorite #PINKTRAPHOUSE flicks I found over the weekend:

His caption was "Pretty N***** like TRAP Music too". Indeed Sir. Indeed.

Photo: TEESCOTTIE (Instagram)

When all saw this all I could say was Hurrrrd you Soror...

Photo: LIKE_AUSTRALIA (Instagram)
Then I died, thinking about the memory of the car and it's relationship with fellow AGP attendees!

....Like everyone and their mama hasn't played a part in this car's damage. Did I say this house serves as great marketing?