We Can Now Use The Excuse Of Being Nervous To Validate The Unjust Killings Of Black People

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"The system continues to fail black people, and it will continue to fail you all...My son loved this city and this city killed my son. And the murderer gets away. Are you kidding me right now" - Valerie Castile 

It's becoming toxic writing about unjust Black deaths. Just for writing my opinion as a Black woman I fear I too can become AmeriKKKa's next target.

On Friday the world found out that Minnesota Officer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty on all counts in the death of Philando Castile. As CNN reports:

"Yanez, a St. Anthony officer, testified he feared for his life because Castile put his hand on his firearm, not his wallet or identification papers, and was pulling the gun from his pocket."I didn't want to shoot Mr. Castile," Yanez testified. "That wasn't my intention. I thought I was going to die." - CNN

Philando Castile was murdered in a traffic stop after Yanez believed Castile matched the description of a suspect in a robbery. Part of the incident was recorded by Castile’s girlfriend, sadly Castile's daughter was also in the car witnessing the trauma unfold. This all began one day after the death of Alton Sterling.

In my opinion Yanez "feared for his life" as he was talking to a Black man who was a licensed gun carrier. He acted irrationally and murdered a man in-front of his family. Yanez is a MONSTER.

I've been disgusted with the justice system for quite sometime now.

This case adds on to my fuel. Here are a few things I learned from it:

       1. If you are Black and have a wide nose, you can be murdered too.
       2. Complying with Officers still doesn't prevent Black folks from being killed.
       3. Being nervous validates the shooting of Black people.
       4. It's normal to FEAR Black people.
       5. Ramsey County Attorney is wrong! We don't have to accept a verdict just because it is the verdict. We didn't accept the verdict in the murders who lynched Emmett Till. 
      6. The St. Anthony Police Department said that Yanez will no longer be with the police force. I wonder why?
      7. Another Black death and another murderer walking free. Black lives really don't matter in the system and they never have.

Here's another random thought: It'll be hard pill to swallow if cases like these are opened 40+ years down the line to prove that the murders of these Black deaths are actually guilty. Regardless, of what the justice system says to me Yanez is a cold blooded murderer. This is the same system that let Till's, Martin's, Sterling's, Crawford's, Stanley's, and Bland's murderers walk free. #DON'TLISTENTOTHESYSTEM

The U.S truly is in no condition to lecture any other county on human rights, until they start to rightfully deal with the issues on their own turf.

Every time another Black death like this occurs I began to feel less and less "American". What ever being American today may mean...

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