20 Something Rants: You Better Respeck Those 'Ghetto Girls'

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A White man told me the other day: "I love the way you carry yourself, you're not like those other Ghetto Black women". I asked him to think carefully about his words the next time he opened his mouth to a Black woman to give a half-ass ignorant compliment, before walking away."

A Black man told me a few days later: "You have a typical Black girl laugh but I can tell you're not Ghetto though." Once again, I asked him to think carefully about his words the next time he decided to open his mouth to a Black woman and give a half-ass ignorant compliment." Then I deleted his number. But first, I replied: What do you say to the Black women in your family?

I call out Ghetto Girls like Southern Girl by Frankie Beverly and Maze.

They are the first women who taught me everything.

From my nails to my hair and feet their swags inspired those trends known in your communities.

Your cropped tops, excessive fake golden custom jewelry, long acrylic nails, and asymmetrical hair-dos exist because of around the way girls like them who have paved the way.

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Every cheap weave slay, 10 dollar Broke, Black, Bougie gain belongs to them. The girls who did it for the culture when they didn't have a dime in their wallet to purchase the sh*t that made you feel good. It's the Shaneika's, Keisha's, and Dawndreas who inspired the latest items in your Urban Outfitters, Forever's and any other fast fashion racks you can think of.

The ones who wore purple, blue, green and blonde hair when you told them they were too dark, to bold, and too "Ghetto" to do so. And now these are the same trends following down your Instagram feeds.

The same women who you judge and say these Ghetto Girls don't me sh*t to me, but yet they inspired so much of the American dream.

The same women who built your companies and made you see there were profits in your local beauty  and mom and pop stores. You owe them a bit of your dignity. Again for the repeat: YOU OWE THEM A BIT OF YOUR DIGNITY.

They're the ones who showed us "ain't nothing wrong with a city job" and are always in search of the good life. A feeling that no one can take away.

They're the ones who showed your Becky's swag and  proved that GHETTO women exist even outside of the culture you often associate it with. They're the ones educated folks try to separate themselves from. Like, some of the most educated folks in this world don't have a degree #TEATOOSWEET

Check your DanielleBregoli's the way you do your Daneka's, and Keisha's, hell even Charlisa's and realize your separations are NOT a compliment.

Do not push your problematic views of Ghetto Girls on me.