'Insecure' Teaches Me: Jury Booty Exists And We Are Confused And Living Single

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 Season 2 premiere ‘Hella Great’ is just that f*cking good. So let's unpack it! For those who haven't had the opportunity to see it yet, just know this post will contain SPOILERS!

As we enter the new season our lovely Issa is emotionally paying for her sexapade with Daniel from last season.We're learning she still has feelings for Lawrence and let's be real we all knew she would 👀. Although she's trying to maneuver her life as a single Black woman now she's unable to shake her love for Lawrence and wants him back.

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Going through a wack ass dating site to bounce back in the field, she realizes she's annoyed with the pool of men she's encountering. How many of us have swiped through Tinder knowing damn well there's no love connection on the other end?  Anywho, in the best Issa fashion she tries to prepare for the moment when she sees Lawrence again and learns there's no real for her to prepare as the partner who f*cked up.

On the other hand, Lawerence this season appears to be doing fine without her. He is still blowing Tasha's back out and exploring his freedom as a single Black man "who's just having fun". I wonder how Tasha feels?

When Lawrence and Issa finally link they have sex (can we say jury booty lmao) and there's a big ass elephant in the room that neither of the two seem to address. All that big girl talk Issa wanted to pull alone in her room, she couldn't muster up the words she wanted to say in front of her ex. Sometimes actions speak louder than words though. I'm interested to see where the hell these two end up this season.

I hope she's learned that: Wisdom is better than silver and gold! If you haven't noticed yet, I'm soooo here for Issa and Lawrence to heal but let's get to the rest of the show.

My favorite Molly returns this season fabulous as ever but, is facing some serious career hurdles. She is now a Black Attorney who is underpaid in comparison to her White male coworker. Lorrrrrrrdt, talk about it. I’m going to just let this sit here in hopes that this "problem" of sexism and race gets resolved. In other career news, Issa and her non for profit "We Got Ya'll" (yes the title is annoying as hell) can't seem to get the community they're serving together at all. Side notes: Did you catch the separation drawn between the Latina sista sitting at the table? I know I’m not the only person who feels that Issa's lovely co-worker is a White woman trying to be the White savior. "Sometimes you gotta know when to give up!"

This episode was dope as hell and has me eager to know what's next this season. Here are the lessons I took away from the season 2 premiere episode:

1. We always try to open chapters that are closed.
Maybe it's meant for Issa and Lawrence to be together but maybe it's not. It's so common for us to open up chapters that are closed to figure out if there's anything left behind that we didn't get to. It's like the favorite book you read to fast. But if there's anything to learn, sometimes you've got to let the past rock in the past.

2. We waste time on sh*t we know makes no sense just because it's "convenient".      
Issa knew damn well she probably wasn't gonna end up with a hit on that dating app, but it felt so good for her to see that she could pull these men. Once she got them, she realized they ain't her cup of tea. #WEALLNEEDABOOST

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3. "Guys always want you back when they see you doing good without them"- Molly
Don't act like y'all didn't know this was a thing. Maybe it should say when they mess up they want you back, because this perfectly describes Issa's case. So I've heard this is very true. Maybe it's because that glo hits 10x harder after a breakup. Or maybe it's because of a thing called growth. Whatever it is I know you can't make anyone like you and that's for damn sure. Issa was working hard to get her man back, in the comfort of her own insecurities that is #WELP.

Call me crazy but, I think I found the love of my life....

Girlfriend, it is hard as hell to date. You get to realize the qualities you like and dislike with people but you also realize that maybe you just need to work on your damn self before jumping out the window. Dating is annoying as f*ck and relationships are work people.

5. We have a hard time in believing our realities and saying what we feel.
Maybe it's because we don't know how receptive the other person we need to relay the message to will feel. Perhaps we don't have our sh*t together  and talking about our own pain, discrepancies, and mistakes  will only further confusion. Whatever it is, it’s always better to say what you need to say.

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6. Do not be mad at the situations you knew were wrong from jump and you still continued to play a part in.

There's a social meme going around that sums up what I’m trying to say perfectly. Out of all my screenshots, too many to be honest I can’t find it to post here. Let's just say #OWNERSHIPANDRESPONSBILITY is important.

I'm hella excited to see the next episode of Insecure and bump to the soundtrack. In between the music, storyline, and all of the Blackness of this show I feel like I’m walking through The Souls of Black Women. And yes, I'm too am a part of the Insecure experience.


  1. Loved this episode and I love this write-up. Just yes, especially your first point. I'm currently trying to figure out if Issa really wants Lawrence back because she loves him or because she F'd up and hates being wrong? Hmm..idk. Maybe they do need to call it quits. I can't wait to see what this season brings.

    1. Thanks so much Randie! That's definitely a good point. Maybe it is because she hates being wrong! Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Love insecure and this write up!!! You captured all the highlights. The dating scenes were so my life! Lol

    1. Me too! The living struggle lmao. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. All of these is so true OMG!!! You captured it all. I went cold turkey.