Broke Black Bougie Receives the Blogger Recognition Award

I was recently nominated to receive the Blogger Recognition Award! My first nomination was received from the popping Brytnie Devon. As of yesterday I was nominated by a beautiful Black sista of Tricky Vibez. I should have had this post done sooner, however, I've been backed up with life. To my nominators I want to apologize for not paying the award forward quickly. It means a lot to me and the future of Broke Black Bougie to represent with the utmost respect those who have taken the time to support my corner of the internet.

The rules for acceptance are as follows: 

  1. 1. Thank the nominator and provide a link to their blog
  2. 2. Write a post to show the award
  3. 3. Write a brief story on “How My Blog Got Started”
  4. 4. Give two small pieces of advice to other bloggers
  5. 5. Select 15 bloggers to pass the award onto
  6. 6.Tell those nominees they were selected via a comment

Broke Black Bougie Beginnings:

I begin blogging in 2012 during my junior year of high school. My very first blog was titled Verisimilitude Racist America. I was heavily influenced by the issues of racism and trauma faced by people of the African Diaspora. From there, I developed Of Broken Identities a politically conscious blog. These blogs were my worlds in addressing the issues of our time, I remember one of my favorite bloggers Kendall Person of The Public Blogger telling me that I had a voice and to remain focused on my writing.

Eventually, I went on a hiatus, trying to refocus my interest in blogging and figuring out my man purpose. Personally, I felt my politically conscious blogs were missing something.  Most importantly, my experiences as a Black woman and an artistic vibe where I could write things outside of depressing matters. I then began blogging at Charlisa Charli, a blogged named after myself, although another conscious lifestyle blog I felt it was missing the truth, my truth and realness as a Black woman. Three words then piled into my head BROKE, BLACK, and BOUGIE and its been my most fulfilling time as writer ever since.

Quick Gems of Advice: 

If there are any two pieces of advice I could give to any blogger it will be to REMAIN CONSISTENT and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! You'd be surprise to know where consistency can take you! Also, never fear writing about your most intimate and personal experiences. Your writing can and will help someone.

Cheers to the future of Broke Black Bougie and these 15 awesome ass Blogs who encourage and inspire me in more ways than one.

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8. The Butler Journal
9. A Ticket for Two
10. I'm A Natural For This
11. Blackademia 
12. She's Unscripted 
13. All About the Scrub Life
14. Kingteeuhh
15. 7evenreign

Congratulations peps!!!!