...Hey Lover: Ghosting Ain't Easy


I've been trying. That's all I can say for someone who's taking it one day at a time.

When it comes to you, maybe I missed out...

At first kiss, I felt I couldn't know the effort it takes to love you, because my mind is immature.

At times it can run rapid from a kiss to a dream of where we can go, the places we can see, the unit we can be. It's crazy the rush that comes in the form of intimacy.

Although my body may be able to deliver, I know I am half empty.

I promise I want to keep. in. touch.

But, I am afraid of where being in. touch. will lead

Perhaps a fulfilled fantasy, a lucid dream

Perhaps I am on my knees pleading:  Why? Did? I? Meet? A? Nigga? Like? You?

So, No. I don't text to connect because there's a possibility I can loose. And me loosing is upfront a battle I don't want to take because I am in the season of reclaiming my energy.

I don't want to find four ways to say f*ck you. I don't want to begin relationships with an ending in mind or even try to figure out how I can give to someone not knowing what I fully bring to the table.

I guess for any nigga who has felt the same way and ghosted too, the answer is simple:


Not now at least.