On 'Insecure' Hella LA: When Lawrence Let Oppression Sit On His Face

It's been a really hard time to write.

It’s not that I didn't want to. It's not that I didn't have a topic.  I just could not deal with the climate of AmeriKKKa.

I'm going to save my thoughts for another post but, just know this episode of Insecure could have not come at a better time. Especially for a sista in need of relaxation.

Let's get into it…

Issa Disappointment

Last episode we were left with a whole bunch of Mr. and Mrs. Intentionals. This episode I don't know if it was just me or my perception of the characters but the sh*t I watched left me clutching for my damn pearls.

For a quick overview, let's just say Issa needs to quit the dating app.The nerve of her quirky ass date to see her in person and disregard her. (I love my quirky folks, I am one, but he, he blew me!)

Issa finally gets the chance to interact with Daniel.  It's is one of the most awkwardest interactions. However, it seems they have had a chance to move past their sexual encounter. Although, it is very clear Issa  has some emotions she is still working through, Daniel is simply cooling. Isn’t that what most men do when they hit anyway lmao?

As far as Molly is concerned,  Molly is struggling with being attracted to men who are unavailable or not worth her time. She needs to reclaim her time! I don't give a damn how fine her friend Dro is,  it was weird as hell seeing them dance with each other at Kiss-N-Grind. Shout out to the writers though for incorporating this party into the show, because I didn’t know Kiss-N-Grind was real thing. I mean yeah, most of the parties I’ve attended promote a lustful atmosphere but, they are not explicitly named as such. What was creepy about Molly and Dro, was that I felt Dro and Molly crossed the line knowing damn well, he’s a married man, and they both were spreading it for the 99s and the 2000s. Coming to the conclusion that Dro was in an open marriage and said that it works for his relationship all I could do is shake my damn head. Personally, I do not believe in open marriages, hell I’m 22 and I barely believe that fine men like Dro have good intentions (I’ll explain later). I just wasn’t here for it, or for Molly’s attempt to even contact homeboy at the diner, because she was sick of being lonely. After all of these scenes, that’s not what took the cake of my disappointment…

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I was rooting for  Lawrence. I was rooting for him  to figure out his emotional stance regarding him and Issa, and grow to become a better partner for the next time he decides, if he choose to, be in a relationship.

Then, he let oppression sit on his face.
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Now before you go: “Charli you're being mad over dramatic, let my boy have fun.  You can't make this Black and White thing.  You can't sit here and get mad cause he's f*cking two Becky's. You can't sit here and feel some type of way because you strongly believe in Black love”.Whatever your argument maybe,  I'm going to give you the Spongebob meme and tell you you're wrong.

First things first, It was a Black and White thing since he was pulled over in the car. I would had hope your hair started to stand on your back of your neck because you didn't know where  Lawrence encounter  with the policeman was headed.

It was a Black and White thing since Becky number one started screaming obscene things that reflected Black Fetishisms, while having sex with Lawrence. It was a Black and White thing since it appeared to be a scene out of a pornorgrpahic film, where the Black body is being used as a hypermasculine and hypersexual being. It was a Black and White thing since Lawrence performance was subpar in comparison to another brotha who gives ‘bomb’ experiences. It was a Black and White thing since the two Becky’s disregarded the Black body lying in bed because it just wasn’t good enough. I saw all that in the 5 minutes this interaction occurred on screen and ewwwwwwwww #ANNOYED.

Lawrence went to the sunken place, and had the nerve to tell his best friend Chad “it was good”. I was like what was good? The sexual transmitted disease you could have caught from OPPRESSION? Their dismissal of your Black body? Ohhh or that you got to sleep with not one but two Becky’s?

And what was brothaman doing outside of Issa’s apartment complex?

All I know is that I love Issa Rae and like always I am thirsty for the next episode. I would be a liar to say this episode wasn't full of discomfort and what the hells…but that's what good entertainment is.

What were your feelings of Hella LA?