Poets Corner: 'Good Guys Lose'

You ask for a man who is sincere, honest, goal-driven, spiritual, and motivated. Someone who grows you, someone who is respectful and holds himself to great esteem. Someone who honors your goals, perspectives and is of good company. You meet him, but, somehow because your ass it too shallow, and you decide he is not for you...

They don't make you in my hood
And if they ever did, I probably would have never given you a chance
I probably would have never looked in your direction
I probably would have never tried to say hi

Because my head was either always down (trying to avoid bullshit)
Or always focused on “that n*gga”

The N*gga

The n*gga who comes with headaches
The n*gga who don't know how to date
The n*gga who sends you what you doing, 9 times in a row because he don't really know how to figure out how you’re feeling

He doesn't have 21 questions, but he wants to touch you

I'm sorry Mr. you can't touch this but Mr. you could f*ck this

I'm sorry because we focus on men NOT. LIKE. YOU '
I'm sorry because I'll curve you, if you're too "perfect".

Boys like you remind me that I’m lonely
Boy like you remind me that I’m not ready

We’re looking for the dude with the nice fit, perfect smile, clean finish
Won't even glance at the young man whose edged up is a little crooked

Bet buddy's got a gold-mind if you could reach out of your insecurities and find it

Or get the HINT to fuck with the n*gga who wants to fuck with you because ….ain’t no open invite bih

Throw him three exams he will provide you with a fourth and say:


Baby. Don’t. F*ck. With. Me

You got insecurities, if you think you deserve to be treated any less than the QUEEN your mama birthed you to be.

And I know your mama’s told you that them ugly one’s treat you right.
And I know your girls are laughing like ‘he ain’t your type’.

Sometimes you’ve gotten to broaden your standards in order to come back to your reality.


Because you're chasing pavements that will never speak back to you  

You're focused is on men who cannot focus in on you and maybe a man right now is not what you need...

Good guys lose because women like me are attracted to people who are not for us.

It may be the weird concept we are attracted to people “beyond our league”? It may be that we are requesting things of people we ourselves have not yet obtained? It may because we are afraid of what feeling good truly means? Because of our own biases, we don’t allow others the opportunity.

Then the good guys and girls like us lose too.

To be continued...