The Mr. and Mrs. Intentionals of 'Insecure'

Lauryn Hill warned us about y'all a long time ago. She knew your intentional, unintentional cold hearts stemmed from some insecurities associated with this maze we call love and relationships.

If it wasn't for my dearest friend Daniel, our two hour long talk of  this season of Insecure,  and his introduction Mr. Intentional to me by Lauryn Hill I would not have a post today.

I watched Insecure Season 2 Episode 3 twice only to conclude that the "good intentions" everyone in this show has with love so far is caught up with people who mean well. They also tend to be desperate beings who are emotionally held hostage or blood sucking humans who make subconscious efforts to find what they are searching for. The beings who give rise to ego by being insecure. You know the lyrics and if you don't, then just know that neither of these characteristics are beneficial to the relationships we see forming. Tasha, Lawerence, Issa, Molly and Mr. Tall Dark & Handsome are the Mr. and Mrs. Intentional dealing with the toil and strife with love.

Molly: Mrs. I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T But Nobody Loves Her

Everything in Molly's life appears appeared to be going right yet, with insecurities  arising at work she's starting to assess her circumstances more often.
  • The image we see of Molly carrying her own box is no confidence to the burden she has as a Black woman. The interracial couple shown in the science where Molly is struggling serves as an outter reflection of Molly's current challenges with her White counterparts and absence of finding a quality Black man.
  • In Molly helping Issa she finds an interest but is not too caught up on the idea of being chased because she doesn't want her energy wasted on something that will fail.
  • She deserves to be loved and be dependent on someone even if she's a woman who has everything she desires.

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Issa: Mrs. I'm Not Built For This "Ho-Phase" But I'll Fake It & Entertain What's Not Worth My Time

Issa just needs a boost to revamp her A-game. How does she do it? By making herself believe she needs to reap the sexual benefits of exploration because all these men can give her at this moment is hot sex on a platter. Cool right? Nah. Because that stupid charger she brought to the around-the-way-boy wasn't really a reboot. Sure she felt like the sh*t after it was over. As we've all seen she's "bold" on her dating app. To be quite frank:

  • Technically a ho-phase is not a ho-phase at all its a stage of exploration. You know, the same sh*t men go through but don't stop til they're almost 30 (lmao). 
  • Issa over extending herself. Watching her desperately searching for pipe was terribly uncomfortable because it was like "sis wake up you sleeping right now, this not you"! Even if she was fine with stepping out of her comfort zone, the men she's seeking out are not worthy of her time nor energy.
  • Issa knows what she wants in a guy she just needs to play the field a little bit and see there's more to life than dealing with the emotions of rejection. 

Tasha: Mrs. I Had Faith In Sh*t That Never Gave Me Structure. PLEASE DON'T ENTERTAIN ME.

There was a whole article written on the foolery of Tasha and Lawerence! It's a great read, so go read it.

Now that you're back...

When Tasha told Lawrence he's "the worst kind of f*ck boy, because he thinks he good" I was sipping strong tea and shooting side eyes. However, I was thinking: Why would Tasha have faith in a man who committed to her body on the weekends and expect him to validate something more at a family function?  Open up your eyes Mrs. Intentional, this draining mess is exploiting ignorance in the name of love! Not only is Tasha entertaining a man whose intentions were mixed, she's emotionally hurt. You can't command the affection of a man who is emotionally broken and unavailable. I hope sis gains peace.

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Lawrence: Mr. Disguise My Intentions Because I Honestly Don't Know What The Hell Are My Next Moves... I'm Just Moving

Lawrence thinks he's Supa Fly. I think he's being one dimensional with who he is and what he wants. Like Issa, he's in the "Ho-phase" or phase of exploration. Lawrence is looking better, working, and clearly is on the dating scene. Right now the boy just wants to have fun, but his intentions are a bit unclear to the people he's pursuing like Tasha because utilmately he's not ready for another relationship. His chapter with Issa is barely closed. He just wants a consistent f*ck buddy. With him just moving:

  • We don't know how he's dealing with being cheated on
  • He's moving, but it doesn't mean the moves he is making are the moves that are best for him
  • Let me just bring it back to Mr. Intentional lyrics: "The only wealth I can to give is not material, and if you need more than that, I'm unavailable" Lawrence needs  more than that 
  • It appears he's getting better, but is he really?

Tall Dark and Handsome: Mr. We (the audience and Molly) Don't Know Of Your Intentions But We Know Something Has Got To Be Wrong

He might be Molly's new love interest. We don't know why? Hell, we don't even know his intentions but what we do notice is that Molly is ghosting him. Maybe it's because she doesn't know how her time is going to be wasted and maybe Molly is not interested in dealing with another headache. Hopefully she's not counting out her blessings. And to the highest of highest praises hopefully he will not be wasted energy.

In all I feel like the world of this show clearly exemplies the lyrics of Mr. Intentional. I'm interested in seeing how the Mr. and Mrs. Intentionals of  Insecure make it through.

I can't wait until this Sunday.