Broke & Killing The Game: 3 Ways To Still Slay Life For The Broke Black Bougie Woman

Girl, you may be a college student or in a little financial bind. Whatever your struggle may be, it does not mean you cannot enjoy the fruits of life. As I always say being Broke ain't easy but, who ever said it was a permanent state of being?  Here are 3 ways to slay life while being Broke Black Bougie.


Hair is an important factor in our lives! So much that sometimes we want to switch up and jump to the latest hair trends without breaking the bank. Truth is, we can still look good on a BUDGEE (Spongebob Salad Voice) lmao BUDGET for all those who are confused. Want virgin hair extensions but can't afford it? Opt in for a nice synthetic wig. You can find these babies at your local beauty supply store or online. Whether it's straight hair or kinks, synthetic hair comes in all styles, shapes and sizes. Let's be real, you don't have to share with you sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy that it's fake, unless she's paying your wallet! But, if you do decide to share the secret know that it's completely fine and fashionable to throw on a nice budget friendly wig. Some may require a little extra work but it's worth it. Peep the videos from these vloggers to help get you started:

For the long hair don't care girl: Sensationnel Straight Lace

For the natural bumpkin: Outre 3C Whirly Big Beautiful Hair 


For the cut life: Brown Sugar Wig*

*Giveaway is over, please review the video for the hair

For the waves on swim: Friday Night Wavy Bob


Ever notice how when we have our nails done we act like over dramatic with every point, roll and grasp? As someone who talks with their hands, I am a victim of being over dramatic after getting my nails done.

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So, what do you do when you can't afford to get them done?

You do them your damn self without acrylic (if you're not trained) and opt in for a nail break using these nail companies to complete your at home manicure.

Nasty Nails: Collections

Karma Sutra Collection (pictured above): $12.00

Polish My Life: Collections

Fine As Wine (pictured above): $11.00


Just because you're on a budget does not mean you can't slay. It does not mean you need to splurge or go on a shopping spree either. However, here are some stores 50% off friendly to meet your #BROKEBUTKILLINGTHEGAME needs. Yes, the comprehensive list is coming very, very soon. Until then know that the best way to shop Big on Big is to shop good deals that provide you with quality pieces for the right price. Pretty Little Thing and Akira are my favorite go to stores. In fact, Akira is known to sell gems for 20 DOLLARS including timeless shoes for your closet.

Like this dress below?


Original Price: $49.00
Sale Price: $49.00 $24.50 (on 50% off discount)
Purchase here!

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Original Price: $54.00
Sale Price: $54.00 $20.00 (on 60% off discount) 
Purchase here!

   Media: AKIRA

Original Price: $64.90
Sale Price: $64.90 $40.00 (on 35% off discount) 
Purchase here!

Get the point? YOU CAN KILL THE GAME ON A BUDGET. It not only means shopping cheap but shopping for quality and pieces that will will get you to slay em' land without slaying your wallet. We feel you girl when you say: 

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