The 'Insecure' Catch Up: F*ck Dro, F*ck Lawrence, And Wake The F*ck Up Molly

It's been a while. I've been trying to digest my own world and come to terms with a new chapter in my life. I sincerely apologize for the delays, as I know much of the Broke Black Bougie clan has missed me.
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I've needed 'Insecure'. These past two episodes have unpacked a lot. Whether it's assessing the sexual duties of Black women in the bedroom, trying to be some sh*t you're not or just being plain stupid (big cough MOLLY) 'Insecure' was serving hunttttty. Here are my thoughts, for those of you who've been patiently waiting for me to give of piece of my Broke Black Bougie mind. I will only highlight the major themes of the last two episodes since it’s been awhile since episode 6 and 7 aired. If you’re here for the Season 2, Episode 8, my review will be up shortly.

'Insecure' S2 Episode 6: Hella Blows

In this episode two things came to my mind: MOLLY wake the hell up and ISSA don't trip. Something told me that Molly would sleep with Dro and I think this perhaps is one of the most devastating and Insecure moves she could have made, no pun intended. Throughout this episode Molly worships her parent's marriage and often times throughout the season we find her wishing she has a relationship that is reflective of her parents. That is until Molly finds out that the relationship of her parents has involved infidelity. There are two things we don’t know in terms of their courtship, how long ago this happened and why did Molly’s mother choose to remain in the relationship? This was answered in episode 7. We’ll get there soon. Now, remember when we last spoke about Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, like others I didn’t know his motive or the purpose he served to Molly’s story. I felt Molly should have never invited brotha man to such an intimate event knowing that her eyes were on Mr. Ain’t shit (Dro). If you’re a Dro fan, don’t be mad, just realize I call it like I see it. Molly’s need to release energy, she needed to fall into the comfort of Dro when she discovered the disappointing news, landed her exactly where she was upset with her father about. Case in point, Molly became what she was afraid of in her parent's relationship a person stepping inside of another person’s marriage. I don’t give a damn if Dro is in an open relationship. I don’t give a damn if he is one of her best friends, sometimes I feel it’s easy for women to “fall in love” or into positions where they don’t belong just because “we only live once” and have not dealt with our vulnerabilities. That is not to say we are not allowed to be vulnerable, but sometimes our vulnerability blurs our clarity. Molly being with Dro is not worth it. I feel Molly’s decision to sleep with Dro has put her into the position where she will feel there’s an opportunity to gain a man who will never emotionally, and psychologically be there 100% for her. I don’t feel the need to give Dro his own little section because quite frankly I feel like I’m watching a man who's single, having his cake and eating it too. What I will say though is he know’s Molly well enough to know that she will become emotionally attached. When these concerns arise, he will be there to resolve her worries with sex. That sh*t ain’t the move, but him, Jimmy and Molly will keep on moving.

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Now let’s chat about Issa… Issa the lovely woman who is constantly placing herself in positions to empower her sexuality, to eel like she’s making moves to f*ck n*ggas get yours sis land. There’s only just one thing: she don't got the juice like that because she’s not built to go through the phase of exploration. She knows damn well she wants more than one-night hitter quitters and inconsistent men. And it’s fine because the phase of exploration is not for everyone. It’s not her. When Daniel ejaculated on her face, it reaffirmed that she wasn’t ready for “that lifestyle”. I say that because one, she only performed fellatio after the discussion with her girls about how to keep a man. And two, Issa simply felt the need to impress a man with skills without fully thinking through the emotional consequences. I don’t think Daniel’s action was on purpose, hell, I highly doubt he was trying to be an asshole, her whole reaction was based on her own insecurities. SIDENOTE: Sis was doing it right, what did she expect to happen? However, I do think after express her disappointment, Daniel could have done more to reconcile the situation.

'Insecure' S2 Episode 7: Hella Disrespectful
Let’s just get right into it: Molly thinks she’s in the position of the main player with Dro. Her position in the “open-marriage” is coming off as a side chick/affair. I just can’t watch her do it to Dro or herself anymore. Dro still ain’t shit for being a “”best friend” and allowing Molly to still sleep with him. I don't care if it’s consensual, It’s like she’s fulfilling something he doesn’t have, but he’s not ready to commit to her. That’s because he “loves” his wife in ways he can’t love Molly. Molly is losing herself and passing up the opportunity to open up to Quentin, someone she's #justnotthatinto. SIDE NOTE: Someone once told me that if a man doesn’t find you attractive, he will move on to the next. However, we as women always have to reconsider our options when dating and say #LOOKSARENOTEVERYTHING.
To everyone saying that Molly should stick it out: In the good word of Joey Badass, "if it don't hit my spirit I don't get near it."

About Daniel...

Daniel knows damn well, even if he didn't mean to ejaculated on Issa's face on purpose the joke of "we're even" should NOT have been uttered. It's just all RONG child (like my aunt used to say the wrong with the hard R). Now on to Issa and Lawrence:

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I honestly don’t think Aparna should have come to the dinner. Lawrence didn’t think that through or neither the intense awkwardness that could arise at the dinner (yes, Issa is just as fault for that). Issa and Lawrence’s argument was full of emotional drain and confusion. They have not had a serious talk with one another since everything unfolded last season. It was NOT a productive conversation as both parties hit below the belt. In this conversation, I want to specifically talk about the concept of Issa being a HOE. Issa’s “hoephase”, (the phase of exploration as I like to call it) was supposed to be one of empowerment. It was supposed to be Issa finding her sexual freedom and NOT getting sh*tted on by no good n*ggas. However, she was sh*tted by the man she cheated on, losing power in the phase of exploration she wanted to cherish. It’s all fun in being a “hoe” until someone calls you out for it. Lawrence was dead wrong calling Issa out of her name, simply because, he played a HUGE role in her stepping out. Not to say, she was right in doing so, but he is just as wrong in not being able to provide for her what she needed in their five years of a relationship. He was wrong for d*cking her down in the beginning of the season and leaving her with a kiss. They both were wrong for not being able to communicate as grown ass human beings. Oh and as for Molly... Let me not even get to the fact that Molly is caught up in a Barbie world. Sis, you really think you have the right to be irritated by Dro’s wife? Know your place. I was glad when Molly texted Dro and said, she couldn’t do it anymore. Deep down I believe she is going to sleep with him again.

(Did the discomfort in this scene, get you too?)
I was glad when Molly called her mother and asked her why did she stay? It’s interesting because her mother said Molly’s father “loved her more than he hurt her”. Assessing the generational difference between, Molly’s parents, Issa and Lawrence I couldn’t help but think of the intersections of their relationship issues regarding cheating and the possibility of working through hardships. This episode was definitely emotional for me because I saw Issa breakdown in a way I never saw her break down before. Her attack on her own belongings can serve as a metaphor in she reacting to her behavior, her failed relationship status with n*ggas and feeling like a complete failure with the struggles she battling in her life. This also includes the challenges she faces at work. I hope the season finale brings answers to: 1. Molly and her deading the f*ckery with Dro 2. A resolution between Issa and Lawrence 3. And IF Lawrence is serious about ole girl Aparna he will do right by not letting his Insecurities get in the way. Can’t wait to write about it!