'Insecure' Season 2 Finale Teaches Me The Importance of Emotional Growth


Aww, here we are at the end of such a great season of 'Insecure'. Honestly, this season was nothing short of amazing. The story line, the personable features of this show, the freedom of Blackness, Black identities, womanhood, and relationships. Watching this show this season I learned so much about myself and how I am not much different from the experiences shared across the television screen to the homes of women and men alike who are INSECURE.

With the last episode of season 2 wrapping on Sunday, I have so much to say on the themes of emotional growth that was shared this episode. First of all, can we say HELL YES to the story line and how they over viewed 30 days of Issa, Molly, and Lawrence from different perspectives? #FREAKINGSALUTE to this creative writing. For those who haven't watched the finale please do so now lmao. For the purpose of this post, similar to the last one, I will not be talking about every nook and cranny of the whole episode just key topics of interest and the concept of emotional growth. Let's get into it:


I was honestly shocked by Lawrence's behavior this episode. If anything got to me this season it was seeing Lawrence come to terms with his role in his relationship with Issa, I'll get to more of that in a moment. Over the course of Lawrence's 30 days, we find him trying to figure out his role with Aparna, becoming jealous of her relationship with her ex, and letting his insecurities get the best of him. His exploration phase, although at times irked the hell out of me (I'm still not over the fact that he let oppression sit on his face) was just as unhealthy as Issa's. I say this simply because he's started to doubt and lose trust in "love" because of his past. As we finally understand, why it's such a burden for him to trust in a new relationship, we realize it's because he is not over the pain and still loves Issa. It honestly takes a fool to learn that love don't love no body.


In the finale we see Molly in her phase of exploration, giving Quentin a chance, with her panties that is. I don't know if it was a smart move or if she just wanted the D. Whatever it is, Molly needs to cut it. Her relationship with Quentin is obviously because they relate on a level of being two Black Attorneys facing discrimination and he understands the struggle. However, I'm not sure if Molly should have engaged in sex with him, knowing she's not feeling him on "that level" even if she sorta kinda likes him. What about his feelings? Quentin clearly feeling her more than she is feeling him? Did she just open a can of worms she can't close? Quite frankly she's still being stupid with Dro. Molly is officially d*ckmatized. I'm disappointed in Molly because she hasn't caught the drift. SOMEONE, please call 911, the alleged assailant is 6'1 and he's piercing through her soul.

As far as her career is concerned as a Black Attorney, I truly appreciated the conversation in this episode about Blackness and Whiteness in the work space. We as Black people know damn well how hard it is to work in White spaces. We also understand how hard it is to work in a Black space, become too comfortable or perhaps be affected by the crab in the barrel mentality. We know that collectively our community needs to work this issue out. However, aside from these thoughts I personally feel Molly needs to leave behind the current agency she works for. Here are a few reasons why:

1. She's so focused on time and time is of the essence. However, her work is not being appreciated. Within a short period of time, I am sure she could make moves and get the pay grade she deserves + more at a Black powerhouse firm.
 2. The White men gave her a piece of paper, as "gratitude". In my eyes, I saw it as a polite fuck you and we just want to keep you here because you're so good to us, but not good enough right now to receive a real paper of value. #NAHMASTA.
3. She needs to have faith in what the Black firm can do for her, and remove the Black doubt cause by White Bias. Sometimes I feel we as Black people tend to think that White is always right like your credit can get right if you go Black too lmao.
Only time will tell, I'm thirsty for next season to hurry up!


Throughout this season knew Issa was still in love with Lawrence because her whole "phase of exploration" was seeking validation from her mistakes. She wanted to prove to herself that men weren't shit and come to terms with the idea that she could move however she wanted without truly giving a f*ck about what people thought. In the end, she realized this was not the case. Her "moves" in the end only hurt her and prevented her in coming to terms with what she needed to get off her chest to Lawrence. When she finally reached out to him about the couch and had the opportunity to speak with him, I was proud of her being able to acknowledge her flaws. I commend her for assessing both wrongs in the situation and being able to identify that her reactive behavior was because she still loved Lawrence. Both Lawrence and Issa have come to terms with the fact that they love each other. They have come to terms that they could have done more. The love is real--however it's so real, it's real enough to walk away from the past and into to new beginnings. 

I couldn't help but to notice the thoughts Issa had in her mind about the potential future with Lawrence and how he could be the man who got away.

It also seems Lawrence is now the man she wanted him to be when he was sitting on the couch a year ago. But she may no longer be the woman for him, and that's a tough pill to swallow for someone whose infidelity caused the relationship to end. The hug from them was everyyyyyyyyyyyythang.

In all, each of these characters reflects the need of understanding emotional growth. Sometimes, this growth comes from failure, discontentment, placing your self in positions you're not prepared for and insecurities we have yet to resolve. Through emotional growth, we're able to become one with ourselves and continuously work on change becoming better people in all aspects of our relationships. This is the most important thing I learned.

I'm not gonna front. The ending of the show pisssssssssssed me off. Why Daniel? Why Issa? Why now? I guess my thirsty ass can wait for next season.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel these character reached some standard of emotional growth?