Watch 'Broke & Sexy' A New Web Series Dedicated To Sexfully Slaying Your Broke Ass Life



 I love when people in the entertainment industry speak about experiences that often don't have stories told. For me that is speaking on the complexity of being Broke. There are levels to Brokeassness, whether we want to admit it or not. From the poorest of poorest to the privilege broke there are many stories surrounding Brokeassness especially in this society today.

So, when I discovered Black & Sexy TV is dedicating a whole show to Brokeassness and being sexy I was on it like White on popcorn.

Broke & Sexy is the newest web series among the Black & Sexy lineup. Broke & Sexy will explore the lives of three women Freddie, Rita, Thalissa who live as Hustla's, Cheap, and bougie Broke women.

As a Broke Black Bougie woman I am excited to watch. The series premiers this Saturday at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST. Be sure to check out the minisode below and head to Black & Sexy TV to find out what kind of broke you are.

This show is #BROKEBLACKBOUGIE approved!