Why It's Perfectly Fine To Root For Black Excellence

Aww yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Issa. I have an Issa Rae obsession and I can't deny it. That's because I want a career in which I can do BLACK ASS SH*T FOR BLACK ASS PEOPLE, and sis is doing it. Sis, unapologetically tells stories about Black Bodies and most importantly she's a free spirit as a Black woman not afraid to do BLACK ASS SH*T. She is a NOT A TREND IN POP CULTURE, SHE'S A MONUMENT AND DESERVES TO BE TREATED AS SUCH. 

So, when sis in multiple interviews at the Emmy's made it clear, she was ROOTING FOR BLACK PEOPLE. I felt my spirit go:

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It's simple because often such in White predominate spaces Black folks and their talent are over looked. Historically we know this, which is why in 2016 #OSCARSOWHITE brought to light the topic of diversity in Hollywood. When we talk about the EMMY'S and diversity, the conversation is no different.

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So many people have reacted crazy to Issa's statement. Look at the conversation taking place under E! Entertainment News Interview With Issa At The 2017 Emmy's:


People are sooooo butt hurt to hear the truth, they fall victim to understanding why Issa made the statement in the first place.


  1. 1. There's no need for anyone to say "I'm rooting for everybody White", because the whole system was created by your ancestors to rule for you. In fact, when we watch and understand history, we know that misrepresentation and diversity issues even in Hollywood exist. The first Black actor to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie was Cicely Tyson in 1974 for her work in 'The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman'. The first Emmy was awarded in 1949. Do you remember the time? Problematic much.

  1. 2. Black folks wouldn't need to separate themselves, anytime, anywhere if we weren't separated thanks to Anglo-Saxon superiority. Let me know when your representation looks like this: 
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  1. 3. Say it loud! I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD. That's exactly what Issa was doing, being proud of her Blackness and celebrating  BLACKASSNESS. 

Like her, I will continue to be celebrating and rooting for everybody Black. There's just something about celebrating a culture and a group of people who were told for centuries, what we were and who we are was less that good enough. It's for the culture. But, most importantly, its for us to see that we are extraordinary. 

I say all this to say, did y'all see the Black beauties serving? I thought I was looking at Black gold dust sprinkled everywhere. 

Oh, and Donald Glover was serving 1971 'Super Fly' vibes, I can dig it! Congratulations King. Glover, is truly one of the most talented people of his time! 


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You heard it here first!