Young, Dumb & Broke: 12 Common Behaviors Of Broke People

So, if you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth, I'm sure you had to struggle in some way, shape or form. Whether it was busting down a sweet sugar sandwich or going without food for a few days (for those of us really struggling) you get the point.

The crazy thing about the struggle aside from the fact that we're struggling is the language and behavior that we use to express our experiences and broke ass life. Over my time in Brokeland I noticed 12 common behaviors of Broke people, some of which I've fell victim to.

1. Self-Isolation 

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Self-isolation is a b*tch! You cut yourself off from the world because you have no funds to enjoy the the world's greatest gems, or so you think. Instead of relying on your support systems and people to encourage you, you shut off from the world,  including social media. You don't want to see people eating out, having good times, or enjoying life even if they're broke too. That's because they know how to deal with their struggles, or wear broke better than you. But, hey there's no need for a comparison or you being a hater.

In reality your ass needs to get out of bed, find a hustle or a hobby and keep your mindset off of your present financial hurdles. Your mental wellness depends on you being occupied with positivity and positive thoughts.

2. Wishing for One Mo' Day

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That one mo' day is Friday and you wish your Deposit could come sooner because there's so many things you need to do as of yesterday.

3. Making money stretch
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If there's anything you know how to do, you know how to make a dollar stretch. Whether this means making $100.00 dollars work for the week or working off $60.00 you do what you can to survive.

If you can make this amount of money work by stretching, can you budget large amounts?

4. Spending your money on unnecessary sh*t

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This right here is a biggie. How you complaining about being broke, and you ain't doing right by your money (Craig voice). How you gon' sell bud and you smoke it, for those who didn't catch the connect. We've all been there, you got about $200.00 dollars in your pocket right now, you know damn well you don't need to buy that shirt, those cookies, or that pedicure. But you do so anyway, why? I guess, the answer lies in St. Louis "Do something that'll make me feel better".

5. Credit card misusage

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Uhmm do we really have to go down this road? A credit card is not your money, your mama's money, your daddy's money or anyone's money but the creditor.

Mess up if you want to and walk down the road of clean up and proving to folks you're a viable borrower.

6. Lack of financial literacy (you don't track your money)

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You don't know where your money is going or how much is being spent in any area for that matter. It could be a fear of seeing your numbers dwindle or getting real with what's in your wallet.

Managing your habits is an important part of getting back on track and in the game.

7. Stressing yourself out 
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Stressed out, so stressed ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. Being stressed doesn't pay the bills or put money in your pocket. It's easier said than done to stop stressing, but in reality you can't be happy and stressed. Choose to be happy.

8. Saying: "I need money to enjoy life" 

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You're wrong! Some of the best moments in life come from having nothing. But, let's be real I understand those who say money ain't everything probably don't have it. 

9. Looking at everything as expensive

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Broke Person: How much does this cost? 

Seller: Five dollars. 

Broke Person: Oh, hell nah that's expensive! 

No it's not! You're just broke. That's okay baby. It won't be forever though. 

10.  Thinking the lotto will save you...

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It's a dream indeed. As The Dream once said "The only way we getting outta here is if we hit the lotto".

11. Believing your ass will be Broke forever 

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I promise being broke is not a permanent state of being. I've seen people work all their lives and remain broke. I've seen people not understand what it means to have financial literacy and unfortunately have that illiteracy pass on to their children. Sometimes being broke is an mentality. Sometimes it's an experience of temporary struggle. Sometimes it's a reality that people die broke.
I may have been born into the struggle, you may have been born into the struggle. I'm so sure I will be flying out that mofo because I refuse to live counting on "one mo day" just so I can get by.

12. Needing to "Catch A Break"

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It seems when it rains, it pours and somehow it pours on you in ways you've never imagined. I once watched my sister give up her whole paycheck to pay for a car expense so she could get back and forth to work. A week before that she was smacked with an unexpected bill and a week before that she had another emergency. She broke down that day in a way I never seen her break down before. It hurt me to see her like that, because we grew up in some crazy ass circumstance of Black poverty I know others can relate to. To be children then adults taking on some of those same struggles in the cycle hurts like sh*t. She couldn't catch a break.

That's not to say her break isn't coming. But her peace of mind during that time is what was important to me.

These 12 common behaviors may have given you some good laughs, or reflections of your tough times. However, as much as it is funny some of this sh*t is not a joke or laughing matter. In fact, some of the these things are detrimental to our well being and impact the way we move, interact and feel about ourselves on a daily basis. Being broke is real, it's humbling, it builds character, and strength, it also builds habits that can be destructive to our mental wellness and well being.

Being Broke ain't easy and being dead over stress doesn't make it any better. With that said, I encourage those in financial binds to take the time to read some of these inspirational posts below and contact local agencies in their community who can help assist them with rebuilding their financial structure, if you so choose. Also, below I have provided some extremely helpful financial apps to help assist folks looking for a quick start on the right track. Mint is one of my favorite go to apps for finance.

I encourage those who are living in Brokeland to know that they are still worthy of any dream they may have or goal they are reaching to obtain.

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