...Hey Lover: Every Kiss Begins With Intimacy


I find intimacy at the most inappropriate appropriate times.

It almost catches me off guard.

In that moment is a reflection of the beauty I tend to see, in even the most flawed beautiful people.

I think that love is seeking to be sought and seeking to be honored.

I think that kisses are a reflection of soulful R&B lyrics intricately woven for the beat of our erogenous zones.

I think that this transferable energy called lust can become mistaken for something more.

Has your imagination ever ran wild when you kissed someone?

You got the wack kisses where you feel nothing.

You got the wack kisses where the person is breaking the flesh on your bottom lip.

You have okay kisses…

But somehow there’s those kiss that give you an outter body experience.

And that night I felt you.


Sometimes we get caught in moments.

Moments that we can’t possibly explain but, vibes we can feel.

These moments suddenly become memories.

We reflect on these memories as a mirror of a slight period in time that we wished could be extended for longer.

Sometimes we hope these feels last for an eternity. Sometimes, we desire to lay in these wavelengths, dive, swim and breathe.

Billie told us a kiss that is never tasted is forever and ever wasted.

I’ve kissed a few empty vessels before my ship sailed with you.

I felt a chemical reaction that my soul wasn’t used to and I fell for the softness of your touch and the taste of your being.

I fell for what in that moment felt right, was right, tasted right. Yet, it was wrong on all levels of intimacy of who, when and where I wanted to share this moment with.

And in at that point I knew I couldn’t take you with me.

I knew that our lust bubble would be nothing more than a “lit” moment.

Nothing more than an exchange of a slow wine, social media handles --- oh, and an intensive kiss that could shake any woman from being down to standing on her self-made mountain.

My imagination allows me to think it could be more than but, I’m not in the business of being fragile.

I like to think of myself as a creative lover, a person who loves hard and cares for people even through her own vulnerability.

I like to think of myself as someone who wants to chat and check-in, to get to know someone outside of "lustful ass circumstances" and into their inner being.

This tale, the first of its kind reminds me of all the other stories about where potentials and I never seem to began but end.


The stories about if I ever fall in love, you’d be more than just a face.

The stories about how this could all be so simple to you but, I rather make it hard.

The stories about how you can freak me right-- you will but, I want something that just doesn’t provide a minimal feels.

The stories about if we could talk for a minute it’ll be nice to know more than just your game.


Hopeless romantics are sometimes too hopeful for shit that shines in glitter.

Nothing like this has ever happened before to me. That may be hard to believe because I walk with pent-up aggression. I walk like a bully.

I walk with a status that says miss me with the bullshit, although I may slip a couple of times.

I walk knowing the game of chess


I want to know if This. Is. What. It. Feels. Like. to. Play. On. Your. Board

My two requests are simple I suppose and they are somewhere caught in between a Fantasia and SZA love song.

And then there’s that fucking imagination. That. Runs. Away. With. Me.

Respect that my imagination will run far and I will choose to not act on the potential distance of what could be because I get afraid of what lies in the future.

That uhmm: I like you soo much, I am afraid to speak.

I may be intimidated by your presence or what you can bring to the table.

I don’t want to engage to fall on my face or waste my time.

I simply don’t want to be blinded by fuck n*ggas who think they’re good just because their looks and material assets capture the attention of most lost souls

I don’t want to turn into a f*ck woman who thinks all n*ggas have ill intentions because the people I’ve am attracted tend to be people I don't need.

Not to talk around the subject at hand but I guess what I'm trying to say is: sometimes its just that we rely on memories that move our spirits.

I am still moved by that memory I shared with you.