On Being Broke and Black: What Kind of Broke Are You?

The joys of being Broke Black:

Cheers to making something out of nothing and surviving off of less than the “ordinary” (whatever the ordinary may mean outside of Brokeland). Cheers to the struggles that build our character and encourage us to do better for our wallets. Cheers to the sh*t we know we have to get together!

1. I’m broke and I just bought the new Jays. I don’t even have $190.00 to my name. There are principalities to the bullsh*t. *Cues in Still Fly by Big Tymers...

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2. I’m always busy because I can’t afford to be with people.

👀 Who me?

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Sitting in bed spending NO MONEY! This is just how I like to spend my time in Brokeland.

3. I like cheap turn-ups. The ones that require a bottle of wine or Henny and a playlist that inspires my BROKE ASS life.

*Cues in We Gon’ Make It by Jadakiss

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4. I could be further in my savings plan but, I don’t realize I’m broke until I’m broke. #ITDOESNTMAKESENSE

5. I don’t budget!  I believe where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Ohhh mhhhkay.

6.  I budget and I still don't understand why am I in this position a.k.a B.R.O.K.E? #GROWTHISKEY

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7. I’m broke because my mama was broke. So was my daddy too but he tends to stash funds away.


I’m a broke college student and I need to sign up to receive food stamps but, I’m too prideful!


9. Just because I am broke doesn't mean I have to look it.

You right with your Bougie ass! But, umm I’m glad you don’t try to focus on spending shit on name brand
products. Right?
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10. I like to go out to eat but I don’t like to pay the tip.

When they ask you to pay tip?? Uhh....

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11. My bundles cost more than what’s in my bank account!

Sorry sis these are the facts of life. I mean, I opt in for the synthetics but I pay more later in the long run.

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12. Stuntin' is a habit...get like me.

I look fly. I look good. A story told by Chalie Boy.

13. Depressed and broke.

Nothing can bring me out of the dark depths of poverty and struggle. I need money to move how I’d like.
Being broke is traumatic and it impacts the mental health and well being of people. #DONTARGUEWITHME

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Remember this moment in Set It Off? I felt those tears. I felt this emotion towards living in the struggle.

14. Happy and Broke!

I mean it’s not like living in Brokeland is a permanent state of being right?

15. The I get on the phone and talk about how Broke I am to my Broke ass friend who has Bougie ass dreams of no longer being Broke Black.

16. People say fast food restaurants are bad for you but a 4 for 4 from Wendys sure is a GREAT change from Ramen.

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17. When I have a student refund. I call my financial aid office like:I want my money and I need it now!

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18. I really like this person but, I’m embarrassed to move things further because I’m broke!

So what are you gonna about it? Because, I’m sure if that person rocks with you and you are working
to get your finances in order you can bounce back. Don't let being broke be an insecurity in your interest.

19. I’m broke and make bad relationship decisions!

Focus on yourself baby, focus on yourself...

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20. I'm struggle meal Chef-Broke-Ar-Dee.

I bet your ass NEVER had gourmet pork served in a bean stew with rice.  

21. I’m the penny pincher! Not one cent leaves my pocket without me knowing where it goes.

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22. I read a lot of self help books and inspirational sh*t to help me through my broke days.

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24. As soon as I get paid...I’m BROKE.

2 AM Payday Morning:

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6 PM Payday Evening

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25. I like to do online shopping. It’s the type of online shopping that requires me to put sh*t in the cart and let it sit there. #ICANONLYDREAM

26. I want to protest fast fashion retailers like Forever 21 but, it’s the only sh*t I can afford. 👀👀👀 I’m going to deal with your kind later, but in the meantime check out this link.

27. I ball during tax season when I really should be saving!

I ain’t neva had sh*t and I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY! SO HARD FOR MY MONEY!  

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28. I’m the type of Broke Black in church they pay me.

Can you make broke turn into mulaaaaaa like Jesus turned water into whine? *Asking for a friend...

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29.  I warn people about being broke so that they don’t make the same mistakes I did.
However, I’m still broke. #REACHONETEACHONE

30. The corner store is my BEST FRIEND.

Meals under 10 bucks are a lifesaver, especially the hood sandwiches. For those who don’t know hood sandwiches
are SUBMARINES SANDWICHES like cold turkey subs served with your favorite chips and an Arizona Tea.
It's a $5.00 deal!

Did I miss something? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. I'm definitely number 3! I'm not leaving the house if I don't have to (turns up the radio and sips henny)!

  2. This is cute, I am glad none of the categories of broke do I fit in.

  3. I cried laughing at this! I'm #2 for sure and I've dated a few #18s.