A List Of Basic Stuff We Need Money To Do

I don’t want to hear conversations about how money isn’t everything. Why? Because money is what makes the world go around. Money, is the force in which we aspire to hold in order to maneuver through this society. As Wu-Tang taught us without money life is hectic. We constantly think about the ways money functions for us or may not fulfill our personal needs.

*N*ggas with no money act like money isn’t everything - Drake*
I was speaking to a close friend the other day and we discussed the basic shit we need in life that requires funds. We noticed when we were younger we had a third lens on how money influenced our life. I guess it was us assessing how much money impacted our life because money was very much absent. Whether or not you examine money, it is essential to living a fulfilling life. Notice I didn’t say key, because I know people who are very happy, broke and optimistic. I also know happy, broke and optimistic people who would not turn down funds if they were offered to them. So, this is a list of sh*t we need money to do! 1. To Breathe It costs to keep my health together. 2. To Die It cost about $10,000 to die. TO DIE. 3. To Eat

I don't like an empty belly!
4. To Sleep There’s nothing like peaceful when you have money. 5. To wipe my Black ass It pays money to stay clean. 6. To go to school I’m not saying you need money to get into school. I’m saying you damn sure need a little change in your pocket to maneuver through it. 7. To break the cycle of poverty Give me $3,000 MAYBE EVEN $4 my saving would be off to a great start. 8. To graduate from school I need to graduate on time and have access to a job with GREAT funds. 9. To eat NUTRITIOUS FOOD I need access to healthy shit and the funds afford the healthy shit! 10. To maintain a roof over my head I need money in order to lay down. This goes back to #4! 15. To live in Brokeland It pays to be BROKE! Actually, It kills to be broke it really does. 16. To move I can’t move anywhere when I’m broke. I mean I could and be the next Taraji P. Henson but….#ITWASJUSTADREAM *Nelly Voice* 17. To buy a $5.00 meal $5.00 seems so expensive when you barely have a nickel. 18. To start a side hustle What service shall I provide that doesn’t cost funds? 19. To make a bet If I lose I’m sh*t out of luck. 20. To buy cheap sh*t Let’s face it, It’s cheaper to keep her (by “her” I mean money). The more you spend on cheap sh*t because it’s cheap, the more the cheap ish will reveal itself. Just remember to shop smart and make investments. 21. To buy expensive sh*t YOU DON’T HAVE IT BRUH! TRY TO FIND A QUALITY ITEM THAT WORKS IN YOUR BUDGET. 22. To read this post In the amount of time you read this post, you could be finding creating ways to make passive income.

What other basic stuff can can you think of? *Honorable mention: To drop food!* We can't afford to waste ANYTHING around here.