Don’t Be Fooled By ​Social Media Flexing

My beloved friend appeared to be insecure and impressed by a man riding a Benz.  

So, I had to hit her with a serious question:

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Does he own it?

That’s right, because it’s 2018 and no longer are we going to subject ourselves to feeling beneath anyone over material sh*t. 

This is especially true if it isn’t owned. So what if he rides a Benz, an Escalade, or a damn hooptie. Does he own it? Does he have good credit? What does any material item have to do with your worth?

If the roles were reversed and she was riding in a Benz I would hope a potential candidate of hers simply wouldn’t care enough to give a flying hoot.  

I said all this to her to say it’s the principle in assessing why are you so hype or intimidated over material items. Just because someone has a luxury item doesn’t mean they are living the"oooh ooh you got it", the glamorous life. If an individual chooses to flex whether or not it's intentional or subtle, a flex is a flex. To be quite frank there’s no need to be impressed by the flex.

Too often we are consumed by conversations and aesthetic social media views of what others have. We have become consumed by people and their journeys and pictures without any clarity as to what really goes on behind the filters. We don’t place any thought to the stories given to us at face value but, we choose to compare them to our worth.

I’m just going to need these comparisons to stop. 

I don’t want us to be pressed by those with Benz or any other material items we lack. This is especially true if the Benz is not helping to increase our personal net worth and if the person one is pursuing is struggling to keep up with the Joneses.

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Our world surrounds people who post a picture, tweet a few words all in the name of bragging rights. We post our best looks to stunt and proclaim we live our best lives, even if we are dying to live on inside. Someone of us even unfollow people who make us feel anything less than golden. 

It’s like we need to be consumed about our net worth, growing assets, consumer debts vs. non consumer debts. More importantly, understanding how much does flexing really cost? I’m not talking about the financial values of a flex but the emotional and mental impacts.  How much does it pay you to worry about another’s flex?

Someone can have a Benz and be able to “afford it” because they are living with their parents and saving. 

On the other hand someone can afford a trip to  #IMLIVINGMYBESTLIFE and have that life sponsored by a Citi credit card. 

It can appear that someone is getting money, when in reality their net worth is decreasing by the debts they owe. 

We see the glory of others but we don’t know their story. We tend to crowd our own stories obsessed by false narratives and visuals of journeys that are not our own. I think it’s time we start focusing on our own narrative. 

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