Get Out Of Brokeland By Getting Your Credit Right

Here at Broke Black Bougie, we talk a lot about living in Brokeland and finding joy in being brokeasf. But, in order to make it to the land of the Bougieashell, we cannot do it without having good credit. 

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Credit is an imperative part of life. This is simply because good credit can get you a dream apartment you’ve always wanted, that job you’ve had your eye on and most importantly low-interest rates! This definitely makes a difference in the trajectory of your financial health. Don’t believe me? Do a quick google search regarding the price of bad credit. I always say it pays to be broke but, it damn sure pays to have bad credit. Especially, if your credit was shot since birth when your “family members” decided to open up all these forms of credit in your name.

If you’re interested in cleaning up your credit and getting out of Brokeland the first step is acknowledging you need to seek the professional guidance. The second step is finding a company with a positive reputation to assist you in achieving your goals. If this sounds like something you’re interested in you may want to check out My Credit Ability.

My Credit Ability offers a wide range of services for all of your credit and financial needs. Whether you need a budget session, credit repair or debt settlement My Credit Ability can be your go-to source to get on the right track.

I’ll let Najah a Financial Literacy Coach and Credit Consultant from My Credit Ability do the talking! 

On her greatest accomplishment of her job…

My greatest accomplishment is educating the black community on making better decisions when it comes to irresponsible financial behaviors, credit decisions, and the homeownership process. I have several clients who never thought they could be homeowners or obtain business credit, but because of my program they now are. 

On the importance of good credit and/or to the progression of the Black community...

Good credit is only one of the components that is important to the progression of the Black community. Good credit allows individuals access to lower interest rates, which result in lower monthly payments and overall lower cost compared to someone with unfavorable credit scores. The overall goal is to educate our community on managing money, investing in assets, and being in a position to start businesses to generate generational wealth for our children, grandchildren, etc.  

Why you should choose My Credit Ability LLC…

My Credit Ability is a credit restoration company that specializes in teaching the community Do It Yourself credit repair at affordable cost. We recognize not every can afford one on one consulting. We also recognize that most people don’t always have the time to complete the process themselves. We offer affordable options with quality service and extremely great value for one on one credit restoration services. Unlike other credit restoration services, we also offer negotiation and debt settlement on behalf of our clients.

Looking towards building a good credit score check out the link below:

Are you looking into homeownership? Enroll in My Credit Ability home owner program:

I wish you well on your credit journey! 

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