Poet's Corner: 'Black Man Stand' and 'Black Girl Magic

Kashif Boothe Entertainment is an award winning independent production company that creates documentaries, films and web series. Kashif Boothe Entertainment's most recent webseries is Imperfect, a spinoff show to the web series Nate & Jamie.

In January 2018, Kashif Boothe Entertainment  released two short films Black Man Stand and Black Girl Magic.

As Kashif Boothe states:

Black Man Stand is a poem written by Jon-Jay Iheanacho, Directed By Kashif Boothe and stars Chris Gordon.

In a time when Black men around the world are a victim of institutional racism and police brutality, this film uplifts Black men to stand through adversity and be a role model for young Black men. The poem encourages Black men to stand up for what is right. Jon praises the Black men who have made a statement by taking a knee like Colin Kapernick and for Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising their fists at the 1968 Olympic games.

Black Girl Magic is a poem written by Bee True, Directed by Kashif Boothe and stars Jamila Wingett, Empress Divine, Chantell Jones, Tanaka N, Araba Jane, Shireenah Ingram, Nataylia Roni and Winnie Arhin.

Black Girl Magic is a poetry short film to inspire Black women from all ages, sizes and shades to love the skin their in. Bee True shares how special it is being a Black woman, the strength of a Black woman and how they are often imitated but never duplicated.

Today it is an honor I share with you these poems in Poet’s Corner. Please check it out and support your Black creatives! Also, be sure to subscribe to Kashif Boothe Entertainment on Youtube and follow Kashif's company on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.