Friends, Respect The Fact That I’m Budgeting In Brokeland And Some Days It Requires That I Don’t Spend

Yeah I’m saying it! I feel like I need to have this conversation because some friends just don’t understand.

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I’m on a financial journey which requires, that I do not go out 24/8 and excessively spend my money on things when I need to save. This means I’m working towards reaching a financial goal. Of course, this is not rocket science, because in my head I understand that I must manage my money smart and efficiently whether I’m working with $200 or $2,000. Just because I have the means to access my funds and spend I’d rather keep my coins close.

So, for me, this means the ultimate goal is to get out of brokeland. I understand that everyone around me may not be on my same journey nor has it clicked to them that self-restraint and resistance are my M-O (Modus Operandi) if I ever dream of reaching my goal. I’m not saying that everyone needs to be on this journey too. However, I’m saying that the people in my circle need to respect my space and understand that sometimes I don’t need to spend or attend every event to live my #BESTLIFE. Sometimes, my #BESTLIFE requires that I sit my ass down a while and build towards my greatness. Whether this means reading a damn book on how I can become better budgeter, investor etc., or reading for the fun of it I need to have a seat.  To me, I’m learning to be financially responsible but because I choose to be seated I often get hit with:

“Girl you don’t ever want to go out!”

“Come on girl, let’s live our best lives”!


And the beat goes on, but just like my funds they are not everlasting.

So, the next time someone hits me with “come out with us tonight” and I say ‘I can’t” understand it’s not just as simple as me being a broke bitch.

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Please respect the fact that I probably have exhausted all the ideas in my head of going out, my spending habits and what that would mean to my funds.

Enter into my thought process:

 I feel like rotating my ass:

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Looking at budget:

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But, there's no wiggle room for me to cover the drinks I want to drink tonight or my bougie ass preferences.

After examining my spending habits and what’s in my bank account I have strategically chosen NOT to participate in the festivities.

Which means my response may be:

“I’m sorry love, not tonight.”

“I can’t make it.”


“This is not in my budget.”

“Are you gonna pay my utilities bill and have food for me next week?”

“I’m broke babbbbbbbbbbbbby”

Uh no, again.

And no matter what answer I give, friends you should simply respect my journey because my Black ass does not flake on your asses all the time. You know as the Hypeking I am, I love good times and wickkkkkkkkkked waistlines but tonight will not be that night for me. If you understand the kid, then there shall be no need for an explanation.

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